• Be Who You Are

    Small Classes. Great Teachers. Exciting Curriculum.

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  • Be Who You Are

    Be Who You Are

    You will feel free to be who you really are at PHS. No need to pretend to be something you are not. Whatever your passion, neighborhood, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic position, there is a place for you here. You will belong at PHS.

  • Learn By Doing

    Learn By Doing

    It's no fun to watch; it's much more exciting to do. That philosophy explains Pembroke Hill. Experiential learning is the way we "do" education.

  • Discover What's Possible

    Discover What's Possible

    How exciting to discover your potential, to realize you can do better, accomplish more than you ever thought possible. That is PHS.

  • Care For One Another

    Care For One Another

    People at PHS truly care about each other and offer support in all of life's situations. You will feel this support and develop strong relationships with teachers, students and other families. Many of these relationships will last a lifetime.

  • Freedom With Responsibility

    Freedom With Responsibility

    We believe in freedom; but with freedom, comes responsibility. Students have opportunities to make decisions, to choose options and to lead. They also know they have an obligation to be responsible in their choices.

  • From Potential to Reality

    Turn Potential Into Reality

    How exciting to turn your potential into your reality. At PHS you will reach new heights and achieve goals you thought impossible. Become your best. Become a PHS student.

  • Join The Tradition

    Join The Tradition

    From our 100-year history, we have many traditions that link our past with our future. They represent our strength, stability, expectation of excellence and need for shared experiences.

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