Graduation Requirements

Discipline Units Requirements
English 4

must be enrolled in English each semester.

Mathematics 3 Enrolled each year through the junior year with a minimum completion of Algebra II
Science 3

Biology is required in 9th grade and Chemistry is required in 10th grade.

Social Studies 3

must complete The World to 1500, The World Since 1500, and American Civilization (History).

Languages 3

must complete two consecutive years of the same language. The third unit may be completed by starting a new language.

Fine Arts 2

must complete two 1/2-unit courses: Visual Arts and either Theatre Arts, Debate I or Exploration in Music. The remaining 1 unit may be completed in either Performing or Visual arts offerings.

Electives 2
Physical Education 1.5

must earn 1.5 units through our athletic program and/or our Physical Education program.

Community Service 60 hours