Middle School

The Pembroke Hill middle school is committed to educational excellence.  We recognize each student’s unique gifts, and our program enables students to explore and develop their full intellectual, physical and emotional potential.  Our academic and extracurricular programs also provide students with a wide range of experiences that develop critical thinking skills, foster a global perspective and strengthen character.  Students are part of a peer group that values academic challenge.

With a middle school population of under 300, there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate in numerous activities including interscholastic sports, clubs and organizations.  It also allows them to get to know each other as they share the classroom, the playing field, the stage and community service projects.  Each fall the sixth grade begins the school year with a three-day campout that is a great introduction to middle school and a wonderful, comfortable way for our new students to meet new friends.

The middle school faculty and administration are dedicated to inspiring and mentoring their students in all facets of school life.  Grade-level teacher teams coordinate programs within a grade level across the disciplines and monitor student progress.  Marked by active learning experiences, the teaching methodology is interdisciplinary and the inseparable link between the classroom and the world is stressed.  With small classes (average 15 students), our middle school provides an environment in which students and teachers know each other very well. Students feel comfortable asking teachers for help, teachers willingly give whenever a student can meet – during free periods or before or after school.


  • FYI...FYI...FYI

    Posted February 22, 2017

    Authors Amy Ephron and Sean Connolly will visit the lower school. The fifth grade music program is March 2. Spring break begins March 13.

  • Middle School Career Day

    Posted February 22, 2017

    On March 3, all three middle school grades will participate in special programs that will illustrate how individuals work together to make a city function and the various career opportunities available.

  • Teacher Profile: Jim Young, Middle And Upper School Latin

    Posted February 22, 2017

    Middle and upper school Latin teacher Jim Young connects with students as they grow and develop their language skills on the Ward Parkway campus.