Pembroke Hill School offers two van routes for students. The first route carries students from north of the river including stops in Liberty, Parkville and Hwy. 152 & N. Oak. The second route serves southern Johnson County and south Kansas City.

Families using the service for more than one child will receive a 50 percent discount for siblings. The fee may be included in a family’s PHS Monthly Pay plan.

The service will only be available for families who make at least a one-semester commitment. Parents will be asked to sign a semester-long contract with PHS, and both parents and students will sign an agreement concerning rules and procedures.

Priority will be given to families who request round-trip service.

To provide this service, Pembroke Hill is partnering with Roundabout Transportation, a locally owned and operated business with over 12 years of experience in transporting children. They are fully licensed and insured, and their drivers undergo extensive screening and background checks.

The 15-seat van will be equipped with seat belts and be clearly marked with the school’s name and logo. Booster and child seats will be available upon request.

These vans are currently filled for 2017-18. For more information, or to inquire about availability for future years and routes, please contact the business office at 816-936-1211.



Morning Schedule
6:50 a.m151st & Metcalf (Price Chopper lot)
6:55 a.m135th & Metcalf (Hen House lot)
7:05 a.m.119th & Nall (Panera lot – next to AMC)
7:15 a.m.103rd & State Line (Einstein Brothers/CVS lot)
7:40 a.m.Ward Parkway Campus
7:45 a.m.Wornall Campus

Afternoon Schedule - First Run

3:15 p.mWornall Campus
3:20 p.mWard Parkway Campus
3:45 p.m103rd & State Line (Einstein Brothers/CVS lot)
3:55 p.m119th & Nall (Panera lot – next to AMC)
4:05 p.m135th & Metcalf (Hen House lot)
4:10 p.m.151st & Metcalf (Price Chopper lot)

Afternoon Schedule - Second Run

5:45 p.mWornall Campus
5:50 p.mWard Parkway Campus
6:15 p.m.103rd & State Line (Einstein Brothers/CVS lot)
6:25 p.m119th & Nall (Panera lot – next to AMC)
6:35 p.m.135th & Metcalf (Hen House lot)
6:40 p.m.151st & Metcalf (Price Chopper lot)

(The schedule will remain the same during finals and January Interim.)

Fees for this service are based on designated zones, which are determined by distance from Pembroke Hill.

ZoneAnnual Round-TripAnnual One-Way
1 - 103rd & State Line$1,670$1,140
2 - 119th & Nall$1,970$1,230
3 - 135th & Metcalf$2,190$1,370
3 - 151st & Metcalf$2,190



Morning Schedule

6:50 a.m.1-35 & Hwy. 152
6:55 a.m.I-29 & N. Oak
7:05 a.m.I-29 & 64th St.
7:15 a.m.US - 169 at Briarcliff

Afternoon Schedule - First Run

3:45 p.m.US-169 at Briarcliff
3:55 p.m.I-29 and 64th St.
4:05 p.m.Hwy 152 and N. Oak
4:10 p.m.I-35 & Hwy. 152

Afternoon Schedule - Second Run

6:15 p.m.I-29 & Briarcliff
6:25 p.m.I-29 & 64th St.
6:35 p.m.Hwy. 152 and N. Oak
6:40 p.m.I-35 and Hwy 152

Fees for this service are based on designated zones, which are determined by distance from Pembroke Hill.

ZoneAnnual Round-Trip/Per WeekAnnual One-Way/Per Week
1 - Briarcliff$1,950$1,220
2 - I-29 & 64th St.$2,230$1,390
3 - Hwy 152 & N. Oak
4 - I-35 & Hwy. 152$2,750$1,720

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