The theatre and speech program at Pembroke Hill School offers a multi-level approach to developing each student's ability to express himself/herself in a concise, creative and artistic manner. 

Beginning in the lower school, a partnership with the Coterie Theatre of Kansas City offers an extracurricular drama program for grades three though five in which students explore improvisation, movement and playwriting. 

The middle school play is an extracurricular opportunity for students to participate in all aspects of theatre production. The performances vary from year to year from two one-act play to full length productions. This is open to all grade levels and is performed in the fall semester.

A choice in program direction in the upper school presents students with a required course in the Theatre Arts or a theatre focus track. The arts focus program was created for those students who may wish to advance their interests beyond secondary education or who show an increased dedication to theatre. Theatre-focus students will elect advanced courses covering acting theory, technical design, period styles and auditioning. These advanced courses also offer unique experiences through a partnership with the Coterie Theatre, including introductions to playwriting, character development and culminating with an exclusive general audition for Theatre-focus students with executive members of the Coterie’s artistic staff. The entire theatre program is aligned with national standards in theatre and speech education.





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