Booster Club/Raider Club


Booster Club Changes Name to Raider Club!


On May 1, the PHS Booster Club officially changed its name to the Raider Club. The name change is being made to establish a stronger identity to PHS athletics. The Raider Club will continue the Booster Club's mission to assist PHS student athletes achieve their potential while promoting school spirit and good sportsmanship at all sporting events.

"The name change to The Raider Club is being made to establish a stronger identity to Pembroke Hill Athletics," Raider Club president Sean Hogan said. "As an organization, our primary objective is to foster the right atmosphere for our coaches to coach, our players to play and our parents and alums to cheer-on and support our student athletes. We want Raider Club members to feel that association to our athletes and teams so that we can work as one to meet this objective."

The Raider Club will continue to raise money through memberships, sports program advertising and concessions sales. Additionally, the Raider Club will be developing Raider Club-specific merchandise in partnership with the PHS Bookstore.


The purpose of the Booster Club/Raider Club is to support the Pembroke Hill athletic program in a way that reinforces the educational mission of the school, which is to build character and to develop the students’ intellectual, physical, and creative abilities to the highest possible levels.

The Club promotes school spirit, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship at all sporting events. This is accomplished by encouraging attendance at all home and away games and by providing needed support (financial and otherwise) for each athletic activity. 

The Club raises funds to support our scholar athletes and the athletic programs through Booster Club/Raider Club Memberships, Sports Program Advertising (Advertising Contract) and Concession Stand Operations. These proceeds are used to finance requests from the coaches and the Athletic Department throughout the year. In the past decade, Booster Club has given an amazing array of gifts to the school valued at over $350,000!

(Parents - To get information about joining the Booster Club/Raider Club, please log in to the parent portal and go to the Booster Club page under the Parents Association.)

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