Sports Council

The Pembroke Hill Recreational Sports Council (PHRSC) is dedicated to providing all PHS students from prekindergarten through 8th grade the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate sports. As a component of the Pembroke Hill Parents Association, the PHRSC is committed to working with school educators, leaders and coaches as well as the parent and student body to offer each child the ability to participate in a supportive environment that emphasizes sportsmanship, skill development and equality of participation in specific sports. 

President Kristen Trigg


Wit Solberg - Kindergatern

Sarah Grant- 1st Grade

Jason Stahl - 2nd Grade

Kirk Lambright - 3rd Grade

Alix Kumer - 4th Grade

Phillip Charlton - 5th Grade

Howard Barewin - 6th Grade

Gaye Cohen - 7th Grade

Ed Stevens - 8th Grade 

Gaye Cohen - Past President 



PHS Staff Liaison Polly Kramer

In an effort to improve communication between the recreational sports council and parents, a class liaison has been established for each class. Each liaison is a member of the sports council and is available to help with any issue that may arise concerning Sports Council activities.

Rain-out Line

The rain out line for all sports council activities being held at Pembroke Hill  is 816-936-1590, press 1 for athletics and then 4 for Sports Council.  The rain out line is updated by 1 p.m. on days when there is inclement weather.  Once a decision regarding events is made changes will not be made.  If the weather should change after the decision is made it is at the discretion of the coach to continue with an event or to cancel.