Tennis Team Information



The 2017 roster is to be determined.

Team Highlights


Raider Award Winner: Josh Bortnick

Team Honors:
Blue Springs Tournament: First Place
Districts: First Place
State: Second Place

Individual Honors:
Blue Springs Tournament First Place: Josh Bortnick, Cormac Chester, Tripp Dearborn, Kevin Li, Thomas Thornton, Nathan Turtledove
MICDS Tournament Third Place: Josh Bortnick
District Champions: Singles (Josh Bortnick); Doubles (Cormac Chester/Tripp Dearborn)
State Singles Third Place: Josh Bortnick
State Doubles Third Place: Cormac Chester/Tripp Dearborn


Raider Award Winner: Sam Kramer

Team Honors:

Districts: 2nd place

Individual Honors:

2nd place-Districts-Doubles (Sam Kramer, Cormac Chester)
5th place-State-Doubles (Sam Kramer, Cormac Chester)


Team Honors:

Districts: 1st place
Sectionals-1st place
State-2nd place

Individual Honors:

1st place-Districts-Singles (March Zheng)
1st place-Districts-Doubles (Tristan Threatt, Sam Kramer)
2nd place-Districts-Singles (Cormac Chester)
2nd place-Districts-Doubles (Noah Bortnick, Josh Bortnick)
Semifinalist-State-Singles (March Zheng)
Quarterfinalist-State-Doubles (Tristan Threatt, Sam Kramer)
Quarterfinalist-State-Doubles (Noah Bortnick, Josh Bortnick)


Raider Award Winner: Tristan Threatt

Team Honors:

Districts-1st place
Sectionals-1st place
State-3rd place

Individual Honors:

1st place-Districts-Singles (Chandler McCray)
1st place-Districts-Doubles (Daniel Han, Noah Bortnick)
2nd place-Districts-Singles (Tristan Threatt)
2nd place-Districts-Doubles (Sam Kramer, Cormac Chester)
6th place-State-Singles (Tristan Threatt)
6th place-State-Doubles (Daniel Han, Noah Bortnick)


Raider Award Winner: Christian Nagy

Team Honors:

1st place-Districts
1st place-Sectionals
1st place-State

Individual Honors:

1st place-Districts-Singles (Will Welte)
1st place-Districts-Doubles (Josh Girson, Chandler McCray)
2nd place-Districts-Singles (March Zheng)
2nd place-Districts-Doubles (Kevin Hornbeck, Tristan Threatt)
1st place-State-Singles (Will Welte)
3rd place-State-Singles (March Zheng)
5th place-State-Doubles (Kevin Hornbeck, Tristan Threatt)

Head Coach TBD

Head Coach: TBD

Assistant Coach

Justin Romick