iPad Program

Click here for more information on the 2015-2016 iPad program, creating an Apple ID for students and signing the Acceptable Use Policy.   For questions please contact Brian Bartelli at bbartelli@pembrokehill.org or 816-936-1524.


In 2012, Pembroke Hill launched an iPad program with sixth grade students. The iPad program was extended to all middle school grades in 2013 and all upper school students in 2014. Faculty and students embraced the goals of the program and immediately adapted lessons to take advantage of the new technology. According to our director of instructional technology, Brian Bartelli, “The iPad has allowed students and teachers to communicate, research and collaborate in ways we never thought possible. The success of the program has been overwhelming. We are only beginning to tap into the potential of the technology.” 

Some key benefits of learning on the iPad include all digital textbooks, increased communication, instant feedback, access to reliable online sources and differentiation of subject matter in the classroom. The iPad has allowed an increase in student organization and ownership of their work, while taking advantage of a student-centered approach to learning. The ability to access information in much more timely and direct way is a true benefit.   

“With the iPad students seem very motivated to try new things, they are eager to share work, they ask questions more readily, work can be differentiated and varied with relative ease, and the learning feels more cooperative between students and from teacher to student.” Heather Hoffman