How do I register for classes?

Register ONLINE by clicking here
You will create an account for you and your student and select classes that are grade/age appropriate. You check-out by paying with your Visa, Mastercard or e-check through our secure online system. If enrolling online is not a possibility, call 816-936-1377.

Will I receive a receipt or confirmation?

You will receive an email confirmation and receipt upon registering and paying your Summer Programs balance online. Payment is due immediately after registration is complete.

What if I need to switch dates?

You may switch dates or classes by using your online account. Select "edit" for the student who needs the change and make the appropriate changes.

Is your program just for Pembroke Hill students?

No. Summer Programs at Pembroke Hill is open to everyone ages 2+.

How do I get on the mailing list to receive the Summer Programs catalog with course descriptions, schedules, pricing, etc..?

Email pengetschwiler@pembrokehill.org with your home address and a catalog will be mailed to you promptly. The catalog is also available online. Click here to view the pdf catalog.

What if my address or personal information has changed since last year?

Use your online account to update and edit personal information once enrollment begins. Prior to enrollment, email pengetschwiler@pembrokehill.org with updated contact information.

How will I know if a class is closed?

Classes that are closed will not appear as an option for your student when you are enrolling online.

Contact Information


Paula Engetschwiler
Director of Auxiliary Programs
400 W. 51st St.
Kansas City, MO 64112
Fax: 816-936-1328