Who We Are

  • As we get older and continue our path down ‘the road of life,’ we start looking back as much as we look forward. Even though I live in California, my relationships from Pembroke Hill are as important now as they were 40 years ago."

    - John Gerson ’82
  • My middle school advisory is like my family. The contests are fun, and the Friday treats are delicious, but my favorite part is making friends with people from each grade I never would have known without this experience."

    - Sophie Hickok, PHS middle school student
  • One of the things that attracted me to PHS was the high level of student writing. My students write numerous essays per year that I review very closely. Students then fix any problems. Because of this writing process, our graduates find that they are at the top of their college freshman classes."

    - Dr. Jeff Loeb, Upper School English Teacher
  • When we joined Pembroke Hill, our fourth grader was nervous about going to a new school and making friends. However, the children and parents could not have been more welcoming. Now, my children feel right at home! I recommend Pembroke Hill as a great choice!"

    - Lisa Chase, Lower School Parent
  • Pembroke Hill offers a multitude of activities, and it encourages students to become involved in, and leaders of, many different organizations. I have been an officer in several clubs while also being the swim team captain - a combination that I don't think many schools offer."

    - Spencer Chu, Upper School student
  • In advisory, I have friends in sixth, seventh and eighth grade! It's fun because you always have a friend in a different grade!It really helped me come out of my shell through my middle school career."

    - Katharine Chester, Middle School student

Pembroke Hill is a community of learners - students, faculty/staff, parents and alumni. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve educational excellence while guiding them to become individuals of character who believe that they can and do make a difference in our school community and the community beyond Pembroke Hill.

Our school enjoys the dedicated support of all members of the school community, and we are well aware that it truly takes the efforts of our entire community for our school to be the dynamic and successful school that it is. It is often said at Pembroke Hill that when a child enrolls in our school, the entire family enrolls!

We are proud of our diverse community that includes individuals who represent all geographic, ethnic, religious and socio-economic sectors. It is this diversity that makes us strong and provides the school with many opportunities for wonderful discussions, insights and understanding.

We are a vibrant community. We invite you to join us!