Mission, Educational Goals & Educational Strategies


The mission of The Pembroke Hill School is to enable all students to build character and to develop their intellectual, physical and creative abilities to the highest level.      


We will:

  • Create an environment of academic excellence to ensure that each of our graduates is thoroughly prepared for college through a challenging and globally-inspired curriculum that provides a sound knowledge base in the liberal arts, mathematics and science. 

  • Develop independent and articulate communicators who are critical thinkers, collaborative, innovative, analytical and able to problem solve.  

  • Place a strong emphasis on character and citizenship education and provide experiences in life skills, leadership and service.
  • Foster and promote emotional, social and physical well-being through strong athletic and wellness programs.  

  • Develop student creativity through engagement in the arts with a comprehensive and vibrant arts program.
  • Explore emerging technologies and opportunities that will enhance the school’s programs and expand our students’ related capabilities.          


We will:  

(Curriculum, Instruction and Learning)

  • foster in our students the joy of learning, the love of discovery, the confidence to grow, and a sense of responsibility and respect for others.  

We accomplish this by:

  1. Providing an academically challenging educational program in which students and faculty continually strive for academic excellence through a curriculum that is coordinated within each grade and from grade to grade.  

  2. Ensuring a nurturing environment where children are central, and each child is understood and receives individual attention.  

  3. Using a wide range of teaching methods that effectively engage students in learning activities and foster critical thinking.  

  4. Employing a wide range of developmentally appropriate assessment tools that allow students to demonstrate mastery and practical application of knowledge/skills, while promoting self-knowledge and encouraging reflection; teachers will use results to monitor student learning and guide instruction.  

  5. Incorporating technology into our instructional program so that students use technology for collaboration, research, analysis and problem solving.    

(Professional Community)

  • maintain a community of exceptional faculty, administration and staff who embody a love of children, teaching and learning.  

We accomplish this by:

  1. Recruiting, hiring and retaining exceptional professionals who are well trained in their subject area or grade level, have appropriate knowledge of the educational needs of students in their classes, strive for excellence in their teaching and embrace the school's mission.  

  2. Expecting professionals to embody and promote a love of learning, model high standards of character and integrity, represent the school well and require as much from themselves as they do from their students.  

  3. Maintaining an appealing environment through competitive compensation, superior facilities and a culture in which teachers and staff respect each other and work well together within and among the four divisions.  

  4. Providing ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty in order to create the most effective learning environment and curriculum for students.   


  • be an inclusive community that welcomes, respects, values and benefits from individual differences, and reflects this through our policies, educational programs, activities and daily practices.  

We accomplish by:

  1. Integrating multiple perspectives consistent with current and responsible educational practices into each classroom through materials and discussions.  

  2. Recruiting and retaining an ethnically and culturally diverse community of families, faculty and staff.

  3. Pursuing gender balance at each grade level and ensuring gender equity, participation and achievement in curricular and co-curricular programs.  

  4. Fostering respect, promoting awareness and ensuring a safe environment concerning issues of individual differences, including age, gender, culture, religion, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic and other differences in age-appropriate ways. 

  5. Providing accessibility for persons with disabilities, meeting legal requirements and promoting an awareness of the concerns of persons with disabilities in our community.      


(School Relationships)

  • promote strong relationships with all school constituents and our educational partners.  

We accomplish this by:

  1. Promoting and maintaining strong relationships with parents, alumni, grandparents and friends.

  2. Fostering good citizenship and positive relationships with neighborhoods, local governments, businesses and cultural organizations.  

  3. Collaborating and serving as a resource for peer educational organizations. 

  4. Integrating electronic communication, such as website, social media and internet marketing, into the school's communications strategies.  
  5. Honoring our school’s past and preserving historical materials to share with future generations.                          

(Resource Stewardship)

  • effectively use, manage and improve our physical and financial resources to support our mission and to provide a balance between excellence in programming and financial accessibility to families.  

We accomplish this by:

  • Seeking and implementing the most effective methods of resource management to achieve the school's mission.
  • Building and managing the endowment.  
  • Providing appropriate analytical tools for effective decision-making and long-range planning such as benchmarking, multiple-year budgets, contingency planning and analysis.
  • Ensuring consistency and continuity in the stewardship of our resources by focusing on documentation, policy and accountability. 

  • Creating, maintaining and periodically updating master plans for the physical plant and for technology acquisition, funding and implementation.  

  • Identifying and participating in practices that protect the environment and reduce the school’s consumption of natural resources.   

Adopted by the Pembroke Hill School Board of Trustees on May 10, 2012.