Student Honors

•    Thirty-two percent of the Class of 2014 were honored by the National Merit Scholarship Program, including 13 National Merit semifinalists, 16 National Merit commended students and four National Achievement semifinalists. Three students earned more than one honor.

•    Seventeen percent of the Class Of 2014 scored in the top 1 percent on the PSAT; 37 percent scored in the top 5 percent; and 53 percent scored in the top 10 percent!

•    The Pembroke Hill upper and middle school Science Olympiad teams competed in the national tournament in 2013. The middle school Science Olympiad team has qualified for nationals the last seven years and finished ninth in the nation in 2011; upper school has competed at nationals for the last 23 of 25 years.

•    Upper and middle school students received 65 Scholastic Art Awards in 2013, including 15 Gold Keys and two Gold Key Portfolios.

•    Twenty-one seniors in the 101-member Class of 2013 have received National Merit recognition. This represents 21 percent of the class!

•    Since 2000, PHS athletes have won 28 Missouri State Championships.

•    PHS middle school median scores on the challenging ERB tests are above the 90th percentile when compared to the national norms.

•    A Pembroke Hill 2011 graduate was selected a Presidential Scholar In The Arts.

•    Forty-six upper school students earned the Presidential Community Service Award in 2011 for completing over 100 hours of community service in a single school year.