Why Pembroke Hill

When you join the Pembroke Hill family, you will experience firsthand an amazing school where every child is known, cared for and valued. Our students enjoy the highest quality of teaching and learning in a growth-oriented culture of excellence where positive and supportive relationships exist.

Small Classes

Small classes create exceptional and personal learning experiences. Our 11:1 student:teacher ratio allows teachers to inspire and support each child. In our early childhood and lower schools, two teachers are in each classroom. Our small classes give each student the opportunity to participate fully; and it allows our teachers to really get to know our students, their interests and how they learn best.

Innovative Curriculum

The course offering is broad and expansive. Students enjoy an integrated curriculum in which they make connections across subjects. Beginning in the younger grades, students attend resource classes in Spanish, P.E., science and art. As students move to middle and upper school, they choose among a wide variety of classes that are innovative, exciting and in line with their interests. All of our classrooms are active: students collaborating on projects, working in labs, conducting experiments and completing hands-on assignments that give real meaning and lasting impressions.

Amazing Teachers

Remarkable teachers facilitate classes that are marked by hands-on learning, deep discussions and exploration that involve every student. This makes learning much more meaningful and inspires students to continue their path to discovery. Our teachers are free to make decisions in their classrooms that they feel are best for their students. PHS faculty members have an average 18 years experience: 81 hold master’s degrees; and nine have earned doctorates.

Learning Is Magical

There is a profound joy of learning at Pembroke Hill. Student and teachers form extraordinary relationships and learn together for the pure purpose of expanding minds, understanding complexities, seeking to improve society and realizing that each one of us can have a lasting impact on our world. Students have the freedom to explore, take risks and develop into scholars responsible for their own learning and success.

Shared Values

Pembroke Hill embraces four core values. Respect, compassion, scholarship and integrity are at the heart of what it means to be part of Pembroke Hill. Our motto, Freedom with Responsibility, along with our values, guide our work and our relationships. Both are lived out daily in and outside the classroom.

Our community service program is evident throughout all grade levels. Students provide many hours of volunteer work within our city, across the country and on international trips.

Student Opportunities

Pembroke Hill has so much to offer students including exciting courses, outstanding teachers, extensive opportunities in clubs, organizations and athletic teams, peers who are focused on learning and beautiful facilities. We are large enough to provide many options, but small enough to offer students truly personal experiences in which they are encouraged to make choices for themselves. While exploring life after graduation, students receive individual college counseling from five counselors. Students have faculty advisers in addition to their college counselors.

Students’ relationships with their classmates often last a lifetime. They become part of the Pembroke Hill alumni network of over 5,000 graduates who live in all 50 states and in 28 countries.

We Are Pembroke Hill

Our school thrives because we are a vastly diverse community. We draw strength from our families who bring an array of experiences, opinions, family structures and traditions. Regardless of background, all are welcomed here.

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