Farwell Dr. Steve Bellis

Dr. Bellis is leaving a legacy of dedicated and kind leadership.

Dr. Steve Bellis reads to Pembroke Hill studentsIn a letter to the Pembroke Hill School community on Sept. 8, 2017, Board of Trustees president Don Montague announced that Steve Bellis, head of school, had informed the Board that 2018-19 will be his last year leading the school.

During his time at Pembroke Hill, the school has seen innumerable changes that have improved and enhanced the education of students from early years to 12th graders. Dr. Bellis has worked diligently to create a school culture where every child is known, cared for and valued.

His vision for the school has always been an environment of excellence. He has focused on quality teaching and learning, a diverse school community, and introducing core values and a mission statement that reflect the Pembroke Hill experience.

He has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Pembroke Hill students, not only by his leadership, but also by his personal interaction with, and care of, every student. Dr. Bellis knows all of our names and makes sure we feel part of the school community.
We will remember Dr. Bellis for his love of children, his quest for knowledge, his infectious laughter and his unwavering support of Pembroke Hill.

Thanks for the Memories, Dr. Bellis!