Living Our Mission At Pembroke Hill School

One year after the adoption of our new mission statement, "Together, cultivating the best in each, for the benefit of all," Pembroke Hill faculty, students and alumni reflect on the impact the mission has had on our school.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Together, cultivating the best in each, for the benefit of all.

Our Values


Our Motto

Freedom With Responsibility


Our Promise

Pembroke Hill is a place where:

  • Every child is known, cared for and valued
  • Teaching and learning is at its highest level
  • A growth-oriented culture of excellence thrives
  • Positive supportive relationships exist


Our Shared Beliefs

At Pembroke Hill, our educational goals help us form our beliefs and our values.

  • We believe in fostering in our students the joy of learning, the love of discovery, the confidence to grow and a sense of responsibility and respect for others.
  • We believe in creating a nurturing environment in which children are central and where they develop a sound knowledge base in core academic disciplines.
  • We believe in placing a strong emphasis on character and citizenship education and providing experiences in life skills, leadership and service.
  • We believe in creating and maintaining an inclusive community that welcomes, respects, values and benefits from individual differences.
  • We believe in fostering and promoting emotional, social and physical health and well-being.
  • We believe in nurturing creativity and aesthetic appreciation.
  • We believe in our students.