Goal 1 Academic Experience

Together, we commit to a dynamic, challenging learning experience with inspired, respected faculty, focused on continuously growing each student’s intellect, curiosity, creativity and autonomy.


  • Foster an environment of curiosity and individual academic achievement through personalized learning approaches, student choice and persistence to success.
  • Recruit, retain and invest in faculty, coaches, administrators and staff who pursue and inspire learning at the highest level.
  • Design a broad liberal arts curriculum that is innovative, adaptive and which builds critical thinking skills.
  • Champion and support teachers by embracing a vibrant environment of inquiry and achievement.

Goal 2 Student Experience

Together, we will create purposeful opportunities for students to engage in the school community and develop a sense of belonging, of passion for pursuits beyond the classroom, and of their obligations as citizens and leaders.


  • Provide students opportunities to become knowledgeable and responsible citizens equipped with the skills to contribute and lead in our community and ever-changing world.
  • Ensure robust and well-rounded experiences for students in arts, athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • Grow an inclusive school community that promotes programs which foster belonging, understanding and appreciation of differences.
  • Deepen a school-wide approach to wellbeing, emotional intelligence and social emotional learning.
  • Explore new traditions and activities that unite our community and encourage relationships among students across academic divisions.
  • Partner with local organizations to build positive, lasting, reciprocal relationships for the mutual benefit of students and the Kansas City community.

Goal 3 Resource Development

Together, we will secure the various resources necessary to support the successful implementation of this Strategic Plan.


  • Increase resources and reduce barriers to make the full Pembroke Hill experience more accessible.
  • Substantially increase the endowment and the Pembroke Hill School Fund.
  • Expand outreach and deepen awareness about access to a Pembroke Hill education for outstanding students and families regardless of financial status.
  • Pursue revenue strategies that foster community engagement and student enrichment.
  • Engage parents and alumni to establish connections for students with the world beyond our school.