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College Counseling

The college counseling program includes private as well as group counseling for both students and parents. This is conducted by the college counseling staff and begins intensively in the fall of the junior year. The College Counseling Center offers current information on hundreds of colleges and universities and is a valuable resource.

Over 75 colleges visit Pembroke Hill each fall. Juniors may meet with visiting college representatives only during their unscheduled time. With teachers’ permission, seniors may be excused from class to visit with college representatives. If students plan to attend such a meeting, they should sign up outside the College Counseling office.

Seniors should plan college visits with the help of their college counselors. In addition, counselors and all teachers should sign a permission form at least one week prior to the senior’s departure. A maximum of five days is allowed for senior college visits. Additional days will be considered as not approved. Faculty members are not required to provide extra help or give make-up tests if the absences are not approved.

Where Our Graduates Go

The class of 2022 had students matriculate to the following:


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