COVID-19 Continuous Learning

While COVID-19 is changing how we learn, teach and come together as a community, we are still Pembroke Hill. We will remain welcoming, fun, engaging, creative and inspiring, and we will never lose sight of what makes us uniquely Pembroke Hill.

Principles guiding our work include:

Fostering the important relationships that make Pembroke Hill so strong while committed to the health and safety of our community

Providing the best continuous learning program no matter the environment for our students from early childhood through upper school

Responding quickly, and making decisions thoughtfully, with clarity and confidence and based on facts


Health and Safety

Maintaining a healthy environment on our campuses will require the collective effort of everyone in our community.

Our top priority at Pembroke Hill is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. We realize that maintaining a healthy environment on our campuses will require the collective effort of everyone in our community. After observing the daily increase in our area’s COVID cases and reviewing the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Children’s Mercy Hospital and the City of Kansas City, we have developed updated mitigation strategies, outlined below. 

Mitigation decisions will be based on our community data, including the level of viral transmission and test positivity rate within our school and city.

Health and Safety Procedures

Academic Programs & Procedures

We will alert your division head that you will be absent from school during your isolation dates, and this will ensure that as long as you are feeling well, you will be able to participate in virtual/asynchronous learning.

Wornall Campus:
Early Childhood students with COVID related absences have access to optional asynchronous learning experiences and a materials box. Parents will be contacted by Kasey Reaves, EC administrative assistant, to schedule pick-up of the asynchronous activities and materials box.

Lower School students with COVID related absences will be handled like any other absence. Teachers will work with students to catch them up on anything they missed upon their return to school. Should you have any questions, please contact Karen Boyle.

Ward Parkway Campus:
Providing your student(s) feels well enough to participate in asynchronous learning activities, please have them log in to Schoology for their assignments. Students should email their teachers with specific class-related questions.

If your student(s) are having difficulties with asynchronous learning, please contact the center for teaching and learning at

You will NOT need to test negative to return to school once your isolation is complete.

Is Your Child Engaged? Challenged? Known? Supported?

Small class sizes at Pembroke Hill allow teachers, counselors and learning specialists to fulfill our promise:

  • Every child is known, cared for and valued
  • Teaching and learning is at its highest level
  • A growth-oriented culture of excellence thrives
  • Positive supportive relationships exist

Wornall Campus (Early Years through Grade 5)

Contact Samantha Piper at 816-936-1231 or

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Ward Parkway Campus (Grades 6-11)

Contact Bart Robertson at 816-936-1536 or

Schedule with Bart

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