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Our lower school students in kindergarten through fifth grade experience an educational environment that focuses on their social, emotional and academic needs and recognizes their individual learning styles. Our classrooms feature two experienced educators (a lead teacher and a faculty assistant) who use a multitude of teaching methods, extensive classroom materials and technology to support students as they go about their work.

Extracurricular activities and clubs are offered before and after school. Many of our students play on athletic teams through our lower school athletic program.

The character education program supports and promotes the school’s motto: Freedom With Responsibility. Our goal is to develop in our students informed consciences that help them choose responsible behavior. In our program, we incorporate the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and empathy.

Our definition of responsibility is meeting one’s own needs without interfering with the rights of others to meet their needs. Character education becomes a part of our students’ daily experience.

Our students learn about the importance of serving their community by participating in classroom projects that benefit social service organizations. They attend a variety of assemblies that feature impressive visitors to campus including award-winning authors and nationally renowned dancers and composers. Additional programs celebrate our school’s diverse culture and the talents and accomplishments of our students.

Our program/organization utilizes the Mindful Schools Curriculum. www.mindfulschools.org

Message from Karen Boyle

As lower school division head, I've seen our community embrace the mission of cultivating the best for all. Our lower school (K-5) fosters curiosity and love for learning, with teachers promoting independence and effective habits. Our approach emphasizes social-emotional development, including empathy, collaboration, and core values. Pembroke Hill offers an exceptional education and a vibrant community. Discover more about the inspiring learning environment for your child.