Our Curriculum

The lower school, kindergarten through fifth grade, provides students a challenging and engaging curriculum, Building on the foundation of student-centered learning in our early childhood program, lower school students continue to learn through inquiry, exploration, and experimentation. Our faculty thoughtfully incorporates explicit instruction and deliberate practice to develop foundational skills. Each of our homeroom classrooms feature a lead teacher and a faculty assistant. Our kindergarten through fourth grade students have core instruction classes (language arts, math, and social studies) in a self-contained classroom. To begin the transition to middle school our fifth grade students rotate between the three homerooms for language arts, math, and social studies.

Our students attend resource classes including: art, library, music, physical education, science, and world language. We are fortunate to have a full-time school counselor and interventionists providing additional academic and social-emotional support for students.

Our program/organization utilizes the Mindful Schools Curriculum. www.mindfulschools.org
A boy wearing green safety goggles and a lab coat dips a piece of paper into a small cup containing solution at a science lab
Two girls sit at drums and play triangles
A student shows a stuffed animal to an excited teacher