January Interim

Each year, during the first week following winter break, the upper school participates in January Interim Week. The mission of the week is to provide academic enrichment; introduce students to areas of study not encompassed within the regular curriculum; give students an opportunity to explore individual interests through independent study; and provide time for community service work.

Students have many academic and experiential options during the January Interim Week:

  • A variety of classes led by PHS faculty, guest instructors and students are offered both on and off campus.
  • Students can complete an academic independent study or a community service independent study.
  • Students can travel with a school-sponsored trip.

Important Enrollment Information

Students must take classes all three periods and at least one class must be an academic class. The catalog of courses and descriptions is accessible electronically. Students enroll by grade level through an online form. 

January Interim Course Catalog 2020

Enrollment Dates

Oct. 28-29: Senior class registration
Oct. 30-31: Junior class registration
Nov. 4-5: Sophomore class registration
Nov. 7-8: Freshman class registration

Jan Term 2020 Trips


Sponsors: Dr. Paul Chan and Dr. Marjie MacGregor
Dates: Jan. 2-10, 2020
Cost: $2,700 (which includes a $500 donation to ALDEA (Advancing Local Development through Empowerment and Action, https://aldeaguatemala.org/ to support clean drinking water filtration systems, sanitary latrines and vented stoves).

The objective of the trip is to expose students to rural health in a Mayan village through through extended case study and service. The conditions of rural health will be contrasted by the squatter camps in urban Guatemala City. Dr. Chan began work in this region in 1991 and led Jan-term trips in 2015 & 2016.

Roman France and Italy

Roman France and Italy
Sponsors: Mr. Young & Mrs. Lacy
Provider: WorldStrides
Dates: January 2-10, 2020
Cost: $4,071

Roman France is a richly experiential and educational trip with an ambitiously packed itinerary with cultural and historic sites from the Pont du Gard in Provence and the south of France to Naples, Milan, Pompeii and the treasures of Rome.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. Schooley
Dates: January 2-9, 2020
Cost: $4,000-4,500

Experience the “ancient world” through a visit to the archeological museum of Istanbul, a visit the Ottoman palace where you will witness imperial treasures such as “the staff of Moses” and beard of Mohammad, the Muslim Prophet”, and experience the “living” with visits to the spice market, a soccer game, and walking the streets of this bustling city.

Hurricane Dorian Relief

Hurricane Dorian Relief
Sponsors: Mrs. Reams & Mrs. Hendircks
Provider: Grand Classroom
Dates: January 6-10, 2020
Cost: $2,940

In response to the destruction wrought by Hurricane Dorian, Mrs. Reams and Mrs. Hendricks have organized a hurricane relief service trip to the Bahamas. The trip is being organized in coordination with Grand Classroom.

Dorian Relief Trip Application