Financial Aid

We are proud of our commitment to need-based financial aid.

Pembroke Hill provides over $3.7 million each year in financial aid to 25.2% percent of the school’s students. Our average aid package for the 2019-20 school year awarded 57% of tuition. Our formula considers parental income, assets, liabilities and other factors.

Beyond financial aid, other programs help families plan for and afford the cost of tuition. Payment plans allow families to pay tuition over monthly installments. Some families may find it beneficial to pay tuition using funds in a 529 plan. Exceptional students receive competitive, merit-based academic scholarships.

All students at Pembroke Hill benefit from the generous community of parents, faculty and staff, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni and other friends whose donations to the Annual Fund allow us to keep tuition lower than the full cost of each student’s education.

Getting Started

To determine need, Pembroke Hill uses the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. For more instructions about applying for financial aid, see the "When and How Do I Apply for Aid?" tab below.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Application

Financial Aid FAQ

When and How Do I Apply for Aid?

Parents will need to complete an online application with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. You may go to their website to apply online. The priority deadline for submitting your online application and all required supporting income documentation to FACTS is January 1, 2020, for the 2020-21 school year. If you want to be considered for financial aid, it is imperative that the above deadline be observed. For applications received after this date, aid is awarded on a space available basis. Our goal is to provide admission and financial aid offers at the same time. You are encouraged to keep a copy for your files.

When you apply for admission, mark the financial aid box on the application form. The admissions office will contact you to ensure you have the information needed to apply. If you are a current Pembroke Hill family applying for aid for the first time, please contact Laura Linn at or 816-936-1230.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment ApplicatioN

Will Aid Continue In Subsequent Years?

While families must reapply for financial aid each year, they may expect to receive a similar proportion of aid as long as their financial circumstances remain essentially the same. A significant change in a family’s financial profile will result in a different aid package.

How Will My Divorce or Separation Affect Financial Aid?

Pembroke Hill requires that both natural parents contribute to the cost of education to the extent of their ability. The cooperation of all parents is required before Pembroke Hill will consider aiding a candidate. Please contact Laura Linn, director of admissions and financial aid, or 816-936-1230 for information on how to proceed.

What Is A Typical Financial Aid Package?

Pembroke Hill has a strong preference for awarding partial financial aid grants and rarely awards grants that cover the full cost of tuition. We believe that parents have the obligation to finance their child’s education to the maximum extent that they are able. Historically, our average grant for a full-day student is 57% of tuition. Families are responsible for the difference between the amount of financial aid and the total cost of tuition.

Financial aid grants do not cover a student’s costs for lunch, dues or books and supplies fees. For students in Kindergarten-12th grade, those fees range from $1425 to $1955 annually. These fees are paid by the family.

Should you qualify for and be granted a financial aid package, the balance that you still owe for tuition, lunch, books, fees, and dues may be paid using our monthly payment plan. Most of our financial aid recipients pay a minimum of $500 per month with the majority paying between $500-$1000 per month.

Students at all levels may apply for financial assistance, although aid will be granted in descending order with our middle and upper school students receiving priority consideration. Lower school and early childhood applicants will be considered next. Early childhood students, who qualify for and are granted aid, may expect funding up to, but not exceeding, 30 percent of tuition.

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