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Financial Aid

We are proud of our commitment to need-based financial aid.

Pembroke Hill provides over $3 million each year in financial aid to 25% percent of the school’s students. Our average aid package for the 2022-23 school year awarded 50-60% of tuition. Our formula considers parental income, assets, liabilities and other factors.

Beyond financial aid, other programs help families plan for and afford the cost of tuition. Payment plans allow families to pay tuition over monthly installments. Some families may find it beneficial to pay tuition using funds in a 529 plan. Exceptional students receive competitive, merit-based academic scholarships.

Applying for financial aid shouldn't be a scary process.  The admissions team is happy to answer questions at each step in the process.  Don't assume you can't afford PHS until you've walked through the process. Please feel free to contact Laura Linn at or 816-936-1230 with questions or concerns.

Getting Started

To determine need, Pembroke Hill uses the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. For more instructions about applying for financial aid, see the "When and How Do I Apply for Aid?" tab below.  No financial aid application will be reviewed without a completed application for admission.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Application

Financial Aid FAQ

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