Merit-Based Scholarships

R.B. White Scholarships -$3,500-$5,000

These scholarships are awarded to incoming ninth graders who achieve high scores on the admissions exams, have strong academic records and receive excellent teacher recommendations. Financial need is not a consideration. These scholarships are renewable until graduation.

Head of School Scholarships - $2,000-$3,000

Given to new students entering grades six through nine, these scholarships are awarded based on high levels of achievement on the admissions exams, strong academic records and excellent teacher recommendations. Financial need is not a consideration. Some are renewable; others are for one year only.

Sosland Scholarships - On Average 50% Of Tuition

Sosland Scholars are named in ninth grade. These scholarships are based on a student's academic achievement and demonstrated financial need. They are renewable through graduation.

Malone Scholarships - 30-100% Of Tuition

Pembroke Hill will offer Malone Scholarships to students in grades seven to nine who demonstrate very high academic achievement as well as significant financial need (at least 30 percent of tuition). Students identified as Malone Scholars could receive up to 100 percent of tuition and fees. These scholarships are renewable through graduation.

The school hopes to add two scholarships per year until a maximum of six to eight scholarships are awarded.

Students who receive these scholarships go through the regular financial aid application process with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.

Pembroke Hill is able to offer this program because of a grant from the Malone Family Foundation, which selected Pembroke Hill after an extensive national search of independent schools. Pembroke Hill is one of only 22 schools to offer the Malone Scholarships. Schools are selected based on their academic caliber; the quality of their staff; attention to individual students’ needs, interests and talents; success of their graduates; financial strength and stability; a commitment to financial aid; and an economically and culturally diverse population.

Cathie Wlaschin, administrator of The Malone Family Foundation, said, “We see Pembroke Hill, with its strong curriculum and abundant co-curriculars, as an exciting learning environment. With an array of accommodations for individual talents and passions, the school will undoubtedly be a haven for our Malone Scholars.”

Dr. John C. Malone, chairman of Liberty Media Corporation and a well-known communications and media executive, and his family, founded The Malone Family Foundation in 1997. Mr. Malone grew up in New Haven, Conn., and attended Hopkins School with the assistance of a work scholarship. He believes that the education he received at Hopkins is, in large part, responsible for his success in life, and through The Malone Scholars Program, he wants to provide the same opportunities for other students.

Durwood Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to an incoming ninth grader and will be based on the student's academic achievement, potential, and demonstrated financial need. The scholarship is renewable through graduation.