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Payment Plans

PHS offers families several payment plans for tuition and fees. When your child is enrolled, you can elect any of the following payment plans when you complete your child’s enrollment contract. All financial aid recipients are required to participate in Plan C.

Plan A 70 percent of tuition (less non-refundable deposit) plus 100% of lunch, dues, books and Extended Day fees due Aug. 1; 30 percent of tuition due Dec. 1
Plan B 100 percent (less enrollment fee) of tuition, lunch, dues, books and Extended Day due Aug. 1
Plan C PHS Monthly Pay - 12-month automatic bank withdrawal payment plan from May to April. Annual fee of $150 per student drafted mid-April. No interest charges. Detailed information is enclosed with the enrollment contract.

Past due charges are 10 percent per annum. Payments returned by the bank due to insufficient funds, etc., will incur a $30 processing fee. Please review our Contract Cancellation Policy for information about your obligations if your child leaves during the school year.