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PHS Adopts New Mission Statement

PHS school community excited about new mission statement, Together, cultivating the best in each, for the benefit of all.

Beth Bryant

After a year-long process, the Pembroke Hill Board Of Trustees has approved a new mission statement. “I am excited about the new mission statement,” said Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley, chair of the Board’s Marketing And Admissions committee. “We believe this statement beautifully defines what Pembroke Hill School does with each of our students.”

The new PHS mission statement is:

Together, cultivating the best in each, for the benefit of all.


Click HERE to view a video that describes the elements of the new mission statement and why it is appropriate for The Pembroke Hill School.

The Marketing And Admissions Committee has been leading the work on this.  Siobhan said, “During this process, we invited our community to provide input and hosted several community meetings to discuss the mission statement.  Nearly 900 individuals completed a survey last March, and others attended our follow-up community meetings."

Siobhan explained the importance of each of the words in the mission statement.  “The word, together, emphasizes our sense of community.  The word, cultivate, speaks to our work helping students grow and mature into their best selves.  The phrase, for the benefit of all, references that our students are prepared, and have the desire, to affect positive change in their worlds.”

It also meets the desired attributes that came out of the survey and community meetings last spring.  “The new mission statement is short, memorable, focuses on the individual student and stresses the importance of community,” Siobhan concluded.