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Upper School Science Olympiad Team Take First At Inaugural PHS Invitational

The upper school Science Olympiad team hosted its inaugural high school-level Pembroke Hill Invitational Saturday, Jan. 6.

Andrew Mouzin

The upper school PHS Science Olympiad Team hosted its inaugural high school-level Pembroke Hill Invitational Saturday, Jan. 6. The tournament was a huge success, not only for its management, but also for the team's first place finish.

Twenty-four high school teams competed at the event. Blue Valley North placed second and Olathe North (last year’s Kansas state champion) placed third. Teams hailed from four states Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma and five nationally-ranked teams were in attendance. Twenty-eight PHS students competed in the invitational.

Here are the results from the tournament:

First Place:
Astronomy - Elizabeth Banks, Coleman Gliddon
Fermi Questions - Daniel Bauman
Forensics - Rishabh Gaur, Gina Singh
Herpetology - Tristan Wells, Aarav Yarlagadda
Optics - Pallavi Jonnalagadda
Rocks & Minerals - William Baker, Ross Copeland

Second Place:
Anatomy and Physiology - Maya Chan, Mulan Jiang
Chemistry Lab - Coleman Gliddon, Charlie Snell
Experimental Design - Mulan Jiang, Pallavi Jonnalagadda, Katrina Zhao
Helicopters - Ross Copeland (assisted by Matthew Clauss)
Remote Sensing - William Baker

Third Place:
Disease Detectives - Pallavi Jonnalagadda, Katrina Zhao
Dynamic Planet - William Baker, Rishabh Gaur
Ecology - Mulan Jiang, Pallavi Jonnalagadda
Thermodynamics - Daniel Bauman, Coleman Gliddon

Fourth Place:
Hovercraft - Maya Chan, Lily Jiang
Microbe Mission - Pallavi Jonnalagadda, Katrina Zhao

​Fifth Place:
Mousetrap Vehicle - Jackson Letts, Nicholas Letts (assisted by Tristan Wells)
Towers - Ross Copeland (assisted by Matthew Clauss)

Sixth Place:
Materials Science - Matthew Clauss, Charlie Snell

​​Only the top event score from each school is medal eligible. Other students competing who contributed outstanding performances include: Allison Banks, Ben Bracker, Nathan Gaid, Madison Gearin, Jacob Kaufman, Anoushka Makkad, Shirom Makkad, Nicholas Rao, Oscar Snell and Ira Vats.

U.S. Science Olympiad Coaches: Dr. Kimberly Cho and Mrs. Lisa Barnett
​Volunteer Coaches: Dr. Martitia Barsotti and Dr. Paul Chan