The Arts At Pembroke Hill

The visual and performing arts departments at Pembroke Hill endeavor to broaden and deepen the intellectual and creative development of each student, recognizing that the study of the arts opens a world of self-expression and analytical thought.

The arts program, designed to balance the creative process and the final product, incorporates high-quality instruction in each art discipline and an integrated approach to other academic areas. The arts curriculum at Pembroke Hill offers each student a visual, aural and analytical language, as well as a context for interpreting historical perspectives and constructing meanings.

Art Focus

Upper school students may “focus” in the arts, which enables them to emphasize a particular area over their four-year upper school career and bypass the semester prerequisite. The culmination of the four-year visual art focus is the completion of a portfolio in the AP Studio Art Portfolio class.

Arts Letters

Upper school students with a deep interest in the arts have the opportunity to earn an arts letter. Each area of art: drama, instrumental music, vocal music, debate and visual art has its own criteria for this honor. This award recognizes students who have made significant achievement in their chosen area of expression. Typically, this is determined by contributions that go beyond those of the regular classroom experience. See the department chair for the specific criteria.


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Our mission is to inspire each student to explore the world through visual and performing arts, fostering creativity, appreciation, and learning. Pembroke Hill is dedicated to developing students' artistic talents by providing extensive opportunities for them to showcase their abilities


Our Guiding Values In The Arts


Arts Council

The Parents Association Arts Council was formed to encourage and enhance that vision at Pembroke Hill. The Arts Council supports arts education through grants, events, workshops, purchase of equipment and publicity.