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Arts FAQ

Where do I get private music lessons?

Private teachers associated with the UMKC Conservatory of Music provide lessons at school in a tuition-based program. Additionally, other professional music educators are provided teaching spaces in order to maintain a high-quality program of private music instruction. Fees and schedules may be arranged directly with the instructors.

When does the instrumental program begin?

Instrumental music is introduced in the fifth grade. Students may elect to learn a band instrument through participation in the fifth grade band, or may join the fifth grade strings ensemble.

What are the special audition groups at Pembroke Hill?

Audition groups include the upper school Madrigals and Top Of The Hill. In addition, division-wide auditions are held for the middle and upper school plays and the upper school musical.

Are any of your graduates continuing to study the arts in college?

Many graduates elect to pursue the arts in college, with an intention of pursuing careers in the arts or of supporting national and community arts institutions.

Can students focus on the arts in the upper school?

The arts focus program was created for those students who will advance their talents beyond secondary education or who show substantial talent and dedication to a particular arts area. In the performing arts, students may choose to focus in one of the following areas: acting, choral music, instrumental music or debate. In the visual arts, students who demonstrate capability and dedication may make a four-year commitment that culminates with AP Studio Art Portfolio.

How are the arts supported at Pembroke Hill?

The Pembroke Hill School community demonstrates strong support for and approval of the fine arts programs. A highly qualified faculty, appropriate budgets and well-appointed teaching spaces speak of administrative support. An active parent booster organization, the Pembroke Hill School Arts Council, provides financial support and promotion of fine arts programs. Volunteers share talents and assistance in the classrooms.

Are the arts on a par with academics and athletics at Pembroke Hill?

The Pembroke Hill arts program serves as a literal and figurative focal point for creative thinking and expression on both campuses of the school. The integrated curriculum enables students to apply principles, concepts and skills learned in the arts program to their coursework in other areas, such as mathematics, languages, social studies, literature and science. Many students dedicate themselves to both athletics and arts activities.

How are the arts integrated into the curriculum?

The arts are integrated into the core curriculum through a shared approach to history, literature and languages. Examples include the second grade study of Louis and Clark that culminates in a mini-musical produced for parents, the Harlem Renaissance study in grade seven, the production of ethnic and historically-related artwork, the incorporation of world languages and indigenous instruments into music performances, and dramatic and musical literature choices aligned with literary choices in English and history classes.

How does Pembroke Hill interact with the greater Kansas City arts community?

The Pembroke Hill School arts students connect to Kansas City artists and arts institutions through mentor relationships arranged by arts faculty, attendance at drama and music presentations, shared or featured gallery displays, art competitions and performance opportunities in ballet, opera and stage productions. Additionally, the Pembroke Hill School performance venues have hosted performances by UMKC ensembles, the Civic Opera Theater, the Lyric Opera and the Kansas City Ballet School. The arts faculty appreciates and welcomes professional artists to work with students. The Pembroke Hill School Arts Council funds many such workshop opportunities.