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Inaugural Exhibition: The Past Two Years
October 21 - December 2021
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Lips & Friends Exhibition
February 15 - March 11, 2022
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Your Charge We Carry Forward: Fostering Art Beyond Pembroke Hill 

March 25-April 22, 2022

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WOVEN: a Fiber Exhibition

September 2-October 23, 2022

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Window Shopping: a Solo Exhibition from Kylie McConnell

November 11-December 16, 2022

Arts Connector and Gallery

The Centennial Gallery and Connector is a dynamic exhibition and teaching space that celebrates the arts through showcasing the work of professional and student artists alike. Classes from Pembroke Hill, groups from other schools and organizations, and visitors of all ages can experience and learn about the arts in a welcoming setting. We view art as a vehicle for self-expression, creative freedom, and as serving the purpose of reflecting the full spectrum of diversity that exists both within and outside our PHS community. We see the arts as a place to expand our worldview and facilitate thought-provoking opportunities for robust discussion.
The PHS Gallery will take every effort to notify patrons of artistic expressions that reflect aspects of our world whose aesthetics may push us to places of new learning and discovery. When and where possible, signage will be available for patrons to learn more about the artists, their vision for the work, and ways to further engage after leaving the gallery. All are welcome to explore, question, and critique the art presented in the gallery. We invite people to come in the spirit of wonderment and appreciation for the time, effort, and sacrifice artists and curators have given to expanding our collective worldview.

Lips & Friends Exhibition: Feb. 15 - March 11, 2022

 As of Feb. 15, our first gallery show of 2022 is officially open! The show features work from our very own Jason Lips as well as some of his closest collaborators. Here’s what Jason has to say about the show:

“Embracing this gallery as a teaching space, I am presenting work in the process of becoming—resisting explaining what it means. I urge you to respond to the art in your own way. Much of this work is very new and departs from my familiar ways of working. I’m not even sure what it's all about yet.

My hope in the presentation of unresolved work is that students see the stumbling awkwardness of creation as the work grasps for a place to settle and mature. Some works were made as educational objects, existing at the intersection of my artistic and teaching practices. Other objects were made over twenty years ago when I was only a few years older than our current seniors.

It was around that time in life I met the other artists in the show—artists who are lifelong friends, family, collaborators, and teachers. I contest that art emerges not from the individual but from the space between people. This show invites you to discover connections between you and the art as well as between my work and that of the other artists.

While this new work is still finding its way, understanding one’s own creation is a process that can take a humbling amount of time. Ideas need to steep, marinate, and merge with others to become what they want to be. Ideas are whispering to you, asking you to make time and space to bring them into existence.

Will you allow yourself to hear them?”

Click here to view the show program.

Alumni Gallery Show: April 8 - 22, 2022

We are currently seeking submissions for our Alumni Gallery Show. Any media may be submitted. As an exhibition and teaching space, we want the gallery to show students how art can be an integral part of their lives beyond PHS. We hope a showcase of all different alumni can be an opportunity for our students to see how others have continued their arts education and interests. All submissions must be sent to our Gallery Director, Caro Thomas ’13, ( by the end of February and must be delivered to PHS before March 5th. Your submission should include high-quality images of the work, dimensions, an artist statement, and whether or not the work can be picked up locally. All final decisions will be sent out before March 2nd to allow time for all art to arrive before installation. 

Shipping and framing costs must be covered by the artist.

Senior Gallery Show: April 29 - May 20, 2022

More information to come!

Artist Submissions

We are always accepting artist submissions for future gallery shows! If you are interested in participating in an exhibition, please contact Caro Thomas '13, centennial gallery director at