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Artist Submissions

We are always accepting artist submissions for future gallery exhibitions If you are interested in submitting work, please contact our gallery director, Caro Thomas '13,

Show Programs

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Inaugural Exhibition: The Past Two Years
October 21 - December 2021
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Lips & Friends Exhibition
February 15 - March 11, 2022
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Your Charge We Carry Forward: Fostering Art Beyond Pembroke Hill 

March 25-April 22, 2022

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WOVEN: a Fiber Exhibition

September 2-October 23, 2022

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Window Shopping: a Solo Exhibition from Kylie McConnell

November 11-December 16, 2022

Our Mission

The Centennial Gallery and Connector is a dynamic exhibition and teaching space that celebrates the arts through showcasing the work of professional and student artists alike. Classes from Pembroke Hill, groups from other schools and organizations, and visitors of all ages can experience and learn about the arts in a welcoming setting. We view art as a vehicle for self-expression, creative freedom, and as serving the purpose of reflecting the full spectrum of diversity that exists both within and outside our PHS community. We see the arts as a place to expand our worldview and facilitate thought-provoking opportunities for robust discussion.

The PHS Gallery will take every effort to notify patrons of artistic expressions that reflect aspects of our world whose aesthetics may push us to places of new learning and discovery. When and where possible, signage will be available for patrons to learn more about the artists, their vision for the work, and ways to further engage after leaving the gallery. All are welcome to explore, question, and critique the art presented in the gallery. We invite people to come in the spirit of wonderment and appreciation for the time, effort, and sacrifice artists and curators have given to expanding our collective worldview.

Current & Future Exhibitions

Moments of Whimsy: Selections from the Class of 2031: Now-March 8

Welcome to the captivating world of young creativity! The Upper School Curatorial Arts Class is thrilled to present "Moments of Whimsy: Selections from the Class of 2031" at the esteemed Centennial Gallery.

Exhibition Details:

  • Open Now Through March 8

  • Special Reception: Mark your calendars for March 1, from 4-5 p.m. This exclusive event is an opportunity for students and their families to celebrate the artistic endeavors of our talented fifth graders.

Prepare to be enchanted as you explore the imaginative works curated by our upper school students. From colorful paintings to inventive sculptures, this exhibition promises to inspire wonder and delight.

Join us in honoring the creativity and ingenuity of our young artists. Don't miss out on this unique showcase of youthful talent!

For more information, please contact Caro Thomas ’13 at

Senior Gallery Show: March 29 - May 10, 2024
More information to come!

Previous Exhibitions

(painting to the left of the door) Emily Park Scharf '59. Courtesy of the artist.

Eva Wilkin '80. Courtesy of the artist.

Jay Markel '71. Courtesy of the artist.

Britton Hunter '94. Courtesy of the artist.

(from left to right) 

Sophie Barrett '20, Jessica Darke '03, Kim Cho '96, Nathan Kent '14, Caro Thomas '13, Eva Wilkin '80, Jay Markel '71. Courtesy of the artists.

(from left to right) Nathan Kent '14, Caro Thomas '13. Courtesy of the artists.

Carrie Hawks '96. Courtesy of the Pembroke Hill Upper School Arts Department.

Brooke Kantor '67. Courtesy of the artist.

Mike Lyon '69. Courtesy of the artist.

(from left to right) Dr. Kim Cho '96, Andrew Reardon '17. Courtesy of the artists.

All art in this exhibition was courtesy of the artists. If you want to explore the show program, check out the gallery on the right hand side of this page.

(from left to right) Jay Markel '71, Mike Lyon '69. Courtesy of the artists.

(from left to right) Britton Hunter '94, Tyler Kimball '97, Jay Markel '71. Courtesy of the artists.

Tyler Kimball '97. Courtesy of the artist.

Jay Markel '71. Courtesy of the artist.

Sophie Barrett '20. Courtesy of the artist.

Jessica Darke '03. Courtesy of the artist.

(from left to right) Brooke Kantor '67, Kim Cho '96. Courtesy of the artists.

(from left to right) Peter Wilkin '78. Courtesy of the artist. Olive Honan '17. Courtesy of Jason and Haley Lips.

Sonié Joi Ruffin Thompson, Middle Passage. Pima cotton, commercial Kente cloth, cotton batting. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

Vibha Galhotra, Volcano (Veil Diptych), 2011. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

(from left to right) Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2010. Laura Lima, Anonimo (Anonymous), 2016. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

Mary Clara Hutchison, Specimen I, II, V, X, XIV, and XVI, and Specimen Study I, II, III, and IV, 2021. Deconstructed loveseat. Courtesy of the artist.

Mary Clara Hutchison, Egg Sac, 2022. Ikea curtains. Courtesy of the artist.

(backside of quilt) Maddy Neff, In Memoriam 2021 cotton, cyanotype, denim, silk ties. Courtesy of the artist.

Vivian Caccuri, Pagode Gabriel, 2018. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

students studying on the floor of gallery

Upper School students in an upper-level Spanish class participate in a Spanish-language gallery tour.

José Faus, A Whim and  a Prayer. Courtesy of the artist.

Nnenna Okore, Somewhere Deep Within, 2016. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

Zoë Buckman, His Eyes Narrowed, 2019. Courtesy of Bill and Christy Gautreaux.

A Look Back and a Glimpse Forward: 20-ish years of art by Ms. Sarah Weber