Athletic Facilities

Wornall Campus

Deramus Field House

This building includes the gym with bleachers, two racquetball courts, gymnastics area and state-of-the-art climbing walls. Wornall campus physical education classes and K-5 extended day use this facility as does the freshman boys basketball team for practice, and the Wornall Campus athletics teams.

Field Hockey/Soccer Field

This field is used by the school’s field hockey teams for both practices and games. Varsity soccer also uses the field for spring practices.

Ward Parkway Campus


Football, lacrosse and soccer games are played here. The facility also features a six-lane track, which was resurfaced in 2006, two long jump pits, a high jump landing and a pole vault pit. The Booster Club operates a concession stand for the convenience of fans.

Owen Tennis Complex

This beautiful complex includes six courts and was dedicated in 2006.

Phillips Gymnasium

Varsity volleyball and basketball games are played in this gym. It also houses the athletic department offices, two locker rooms with showers, wrestling room, training room and one whirlpool. Sports memorabilia from all school sports is displayed in the lobby. Physical education classes also are scheduled in this gym. Phillips is the oldest building on the Ward Parkway campus having been built in 1929. A new floor was installed in 2006.

Pierson Gymnasium

This is the school’s practice gym and includes the weight room, two squash courts, cardio room, two locker rooms with showers and coaches offices. It is used for sports practices and physical education classes.