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Head Coach: Mike Duckworth

This is Mike Duckworth's third year as head coach of the girls tennis team. Mike led last year's team to a 13-5 record and a third place finish in the Class 1 State Championships. Mike also teaches World History from 1500, Advanced Placement Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at PHS.

Mike taught, and coached tennis, at Lee's Summit North High School for 13 years, and has also taught at Lee's Summit West and Smiths Hill High School, a selective, public high school in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.

He received bachelor degrees in economics and social studies education as well as a master's degree in education, with a focus on curriculum and instruction, from the University of Kansas.


Assistant Coaches

Tiffani Pearson
Kristen Niehus

Team Information

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Team Highlights


Jacqueline Kincaid, Caroline Rooney

Team Honors:
First Place - Districts
First Place - State

Individual Highlights:

Randi Hendricks - 3rd Place-State Singles
Lynne Li/Jacqueline Kincaid - 3rd Place-State Doubles
Alisha Castaner/Jean Li - 7th Place-State Doubles


Raider Award Winner: Caroline Rooney

Team Honors:

Districts: 2nd Place


Raider Award Winner: Veronica Loskutova

Team Honors:

First place: Districts
Third place: State

Individual Highlights:

Caroline & Ellison Rooney (Doubles): Second place-Districts, Third place-State
Yurie Heard: First place-Districts, First place-State


Raider Award Winner: Emily Ramza

Team Honors:

First place: Districts
First place: State

Individual Highlights:

Emily Green: Third place-Districts
Yurie Heard: First place-Districts, First place-State
Veronica Loskutova & Emily Ramza (Doubles): Second place-Districts
Ellison Rooney & Cindy Wang (Doubles): First place-Districts, Second place-State


Raider Award Winner: Arianna Lane

Team Honors:

Second place: Districts

Individual Highlights:

Bella Foote & Emily Ramza (Doubles):
Third place- Districts
Emily Green: Fourth place-Districts
Ellison Rooney & Cindy Wang: Second place-Districts, Third place-State


Raider Award Winner: Kendra Sterneck

Team Honors:

Second place:

Individual Highlights:

Yurie Heard:
First place-Districts, Third place-State