What does my child need to have completed before he/she can participate?

Physical required for practice; all debts (lost uniforms) must be paid; Athletic Code of Conduct form signed before first game; and overnight form signed before any overnight trips are taken.

Is Pembroke Hill in a conference?

Pembroke Hill is not in a conference. We compete as an independent. We are a member of the Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHSAA).

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided to and from all away contests.

Can my child participate on an outside sports team and represent Pembroke Hill's sport team?

Student-athletes are not allowed to participate on an outside team if that sport is being played at the same time as the sport for which they represent Pembroke Hill. For example, athletes cannot play on an AAU basketball team during Pembroke Hill’s basketball season. There are exceptions to this rule in swimming, golf and tennis. Contact the Athletic Director for specifics.

Student athletes can participate on outside teams while representing Pembroke Hill as long as the outside team is playing in a different sport. For example, a basketball player can play in a soccer league during basketball season. However, it is against the rules to miss any Pembroke Hill obligations due to the outside sport. For example, an athlete cannot miss a Saturday morning basketball practice to play in an indoor soccer tournament. If a violation like this were to occur, student-athletes put their eligibility at risk.

Are there any stipulations regarding awards won outside the sports season?

Yes. Athletes cannot receive awards that are valued at more than $100.

Does Pembroke Hill have an athletic trainer?

Yes. Pembroke Hill has its own athletic trainer on staff. The trainer is available to members of all sports teams.

What percentage of students are on an athletic team?

Currently 75% of upper school students and 60% of middle school students participate in athletics.

Do your athletes play collegiately?

Yes, we proudly celebrate our Former Raiders.

How many sports teams do you have?

Pembroke Hill offers 23 sports in the upper school and 12 sports in the middle school.

Do you offer athletic scholarships?

No, we do not.