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Head Coach: Steve Kapp `00

Steve Kapp `00 has been the head varsity coach of the girls and boys track and field team since 2014. He also serves as assistant coach for the cross country team. His teams have shown considerable growth the last two years, with a burgeoning group of middle and long distance runners and an up-and-coming lineup of sprinters and field athletes.

Steve received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Texas-Austin in 2005.


Assistant Coaches

McCay Tuttle
Eddie Hornbeck
MeShell Nelson
Viktor Stoll

7th/8th Grade

Head Coach: MeShell Nelson
Assistant Coaches: Tabitha Hazen, Bram Strookman, Chad Holmes

Team Information


Team Highlights

Team Honors:


4x100 Meter Relay

  • Districts- 6th place

4x800 Meter Relay (Thomas Way, Coleman Gliddon, Emlen Brown, Ben McDermott)

  • Highway 92 - 1st place
  • Smithville - 4th place
  • Platte County - 5th place

4x800 Meter Relay (Thomas Way, Emlen Brown, Matheus Ramos, Ben McDermott)

  • Mineral Water Classic - 2nd place


4x100 Meter Relay (Dajana Pierre, Christine Seo, Hannah Buttshaw, Bella Barnes)

  • Smithville - 4th place

4x100 Meter Relay (Dajana Pierre, Hannah Buttshaw, Jacqueline Kincaid, Bella Barnes)

  • Piper Relays- 4th place

4x200 Meter Relay (Bella Barnes, Hannah Buttshaw, Dajana Pierre, Jacqueline Kincaid)

  • Districts - 3rd place
  • Sectionals - 7th place

4x800 Meter Relay (Julia Rosher, Daniela Rodriguez-Chavez, Emma Knopik, Kennedy Coleman)

  • Smithville - 2nd place

4x800 Meter Relay (Julia Rosher, Daniela Rodriguez-Chavez, Emma Knopik, Chloe Montague)

  • Mineral Water Classic - 3rd place

Individual Honors:

Bella Barnes:
Piper Relays-First Place (200m); Smithville-Second Place (200m); Highway 92-Second Place (200m); Platte County-Third Place (200m); Districts-Fourth Place (200m); Mineral Water Classic-Sixth Place (200m); Sectionals-Sixth Place (200m); Kearney-Seventh Place (200m)

Emlen Brown:
Piper Relays-Fourth Place (1600m); Districts-Fifth Place (1600m); Highway 92-Seventh Place (1600m); Smithville-Fifth Place (3200m); Platte County-Eighth Place (3200m)

Kennedy Coleman:
Smithville-Second Place (1600m)

Alexandra Copaken
: Highway 92-Third Place (High Hurdles)

Robert Cuddy:
Smithville-Third Place (Shot Put); Highway 92-Fifth Place (Shot Put); Districts-Sixth Place (Shot Put)

Coleman Gliddon:
Highway 92-Third Place (3200m)

Emma Knopik:
Highway 92-Second Place (3200m); Districts-Fourth Place (3200m); Smithville-Fifth Place (3200m); Mineral Water Classic-Fifth Place (3200m); Piper Relays-Fifth Place (3200m); Platte County-Sixth Place (3200m)

Jason MacMillan
: Districts-Sixth Place (Pole Vault)

Ben McDermott:
Piper Relays-Sixth Place (400m); Mineral Water Classic-Second Place (800m); Smithville-Sixth Place (800m); Districts-Sixth Place (800m); Platte County-Seventh Place (800m)

Chloe Montague
: Piper Relays-Sixth Place (400m); Mineral Water Classic-Eighth Place (400m)

Dajana Pierre
: Highway 92- Fourth Place (200m)

Justin Pierre
: Piper Relays-Second Place (300m Hurdles); Highway 92-Fourth Place (300m Hurdles); Districts-Fourth Place (300m Hurdles); Smithville-Fifth Place (300m Hurdles); Mineral Water Classic-Fifth Place (300m Hurdles); Platte County-Fifth Place (300m Hurdles); Sectionals-Fifth Place (300m Hurdles)

Matheus Ramos:
Highway 92-Second Place (3200m); Smithville Invitational-Fourth Place (3200m)

Andrew Reardon
: Highway 92-Sixth Place (Discus); Smithville-Eighth Place (Discus); Districts-Eighth Place (Discus)

Daniela Rodriguez-Chavez
: Highway 92-Second Place (1600m); Smithville-Seventh Place (1600m); Districts-First Place (3200m); Piper Relays-Second Place (3200m); Mineral Water Classic-Third Place (3200m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (3200m); Kearney-Seventh Place (3200m); State-12th Place (3200m)

Julia Rosher:
Highway 92-First Place (800m); Smithville-Second Place (800m); Mineral Water Classic-Second Place (800m); Piper Relays-Second Place (800m); Districts-Second Place (800m); Platte County-Third Place (800m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (800m); State-14th Place (800m); Highway 92-First Place (1600m); Piper Relays-First Place (1600m); Districts-First Place (1600m); Mineral Water Classic-Second Place (1600m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (1600m); Platte County-Sixth Place (1600m); State-11th Place (1600m)

Shahim Shahzad:
Highway 92-Third Place (200m); Piper Relays-Fifth Place (200m); Platte County-Seventh Place (200m)

Thomas Way:
Highway 92-Second Place (1600m); Smithville-Third Place (1600m); Mineral Water Classic-Fourth Place (3200m)


Raider Award Winners: Charlotte Hendricks, Fielding Burnette

Team Honors:


Smithville Invitational - Overall 6th Place


  • 1st place - Ray-Pec Invitational (Reece Jones, John Rosher, Ben McDermott, Evan Peterson)
  • 2nd place - Smithville Invitational (Reece Jones, Ben McDermott, Coleman Gliddon, Evan Peterson)
  • 3rd place - Mineral Water Classic (Reece Jones, John Rosher, Emlen Brown, Ben McDermott)
  • 3rd place - Piper Relays (John Rosher, Coleman Gliddon, Ben McDermott, Emlen Brown)
  • 4th place - Districts (John Rosher, Reece Jones, Thomas Way, Evan Peterson)



  • 4th place - Piper Relays (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)
  • 2nd place: Smithville Invitational (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)
  • 3rd place: Ray-Pec Invitational (Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ella Lawrence, Kennedy Coleman)
  • 3rd place: Districts (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)
  • 4th place: Sectionals (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)
  • 5th place: Platte County Invitational (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)
  • 6th place: State (Kennedy Coleman, Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Ellaina Sanders)

Individual Honors:

Bella Barnes: Piper Relays-Sixth place (200m)

Emlen Brown: Smithville Invitational-Seventh place (800m)

Kennedy Coleman: Mineral Water Classic-First Place (1600m); Piper Relays-First Place (1600m); Platte County Invitational-Third Place (1600m); Smithville Invitational-Second Place (3200m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Third Place (3200m); Kearney Invitational-Fourth Place (3200m); Districts-First Place (1600m); Districts-First Place (3200m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (1600m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (3200m); State-Seventh Place (3200m)

Robert Cuddy: Piper Relays-Eighth Place (Shot Put)

Coleman Gliddon: Smithville Invitational-Sixth Place (800m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Eighth Place (3200m)

Charlotte Hendricks: Smithville Invitational-Seventh Place (Triple Jump)

Alec Hill: Ray-Pec Invitational-Fifth Place (High Jump)

Reece Jones: Smithville Invitational-First Place (3200m); Mineral Water Classic-First Place (3200m); Kearney Invitational-Fourth Place (3200m); Platte County Invitational-Second Place (1600m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Fourth Place (800m); Platte County Invitational-Sixth Place (800m); Districts-Second Place (1600m); Districts-Second Place (3200m); Sectionals-Fourth Place (1600m); State-Eighth Place (1600m)

Emma Knopik: Piper Relays-Eighth Place (3200m); Platte County Invitational-Eighth Place (3200m); Districts-Fourth Place (3200m)

Ella Lawrence: Smithville Invitational-Fourth Place (3200m); Mineral Water Classic-Seventh Place (3200m)

Arielle Nash: Ray-Pec Invitational-Seventh Place (High Jump); Mineral Water Classic-Seventh Place (High Jump); Piper Relays-Seventh Place (High Jump); Ray-Pec Invitational (Long Jump)

Evan Peterson: Smithville Invitational-First Place (1600m); Platte County Invitational-First Place (1600m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Second Place (1600m); Kearney Invitational-Second Place (3200m); Kansas Relays-Sixth Place (3200m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Second Place (800m); Platte County Invitational-Fourth Place (800m); Districts-First Place (1600m); Districts-First Place (3200m); Sectionals-First Place (1600m); Sectionals-First Place (3200m)

Matheus Ramos: Smithville Invitational-Third Place (3200m); Mineral Water Classic-Fifth Place (3200m); Piper Relays-Seventh Place (3200m); Platte County Invitational-Eighth Place (3200m)

Julia Rosher: Ray-Pec Invitational-Fourth Place (800m); Mineral Water Classic-Third Place (1600m); Smithville Invitational-Fourth Place (1600m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Sixth Place (1600m); Districts-Second Place (1600m); Sectionals-Fifth Place (1600m)

Ellaina Sanders: Smithville Invitational-Fifth Place (800m); Piper Relays-Seventh Place (800m)

Shahim Shahzad: Mineral Water Classic-Seventh Place (200m)

Thomas Way: Smithville Invitational-Fifth Place (1600m); Mineral Water Classic-Eighth Place (1600m); Ray-Pec Invitational-Third Place (3200m); Platte County Invitational-Seventh Place (3200m); Piper Relays-Sixth Place (800m)


Raider Award Winners: Ben McDermott, Kit Frazen

Team Honors:

Girls 4x800m

  • Mineral Water Classic, Ray-Pec Invitational-2nd place (Ellaina Sanders, Julia Rosher, Emma Knopik, Kennedy Coleman)
  • Smithville Invitational-3rd place (Ellaina Sanders, Julia Rosher, Devon Dietrich, Kennedy Coleman)
  • Piper Relays-3rd place (Julia Rosher, Izzy Laskero, Emma Knopik, Devon Dietrich)
Boys 4x800m

  • Mineral Water Classic-2nd place (Evan Peterson, John Rosher, Spencer Schmid, Ben McDermott)
  • Piper Relays-4th place (Evan Peterson, John Rosher, Spencer Schmid, Ben McDermott)
  • Platte County Invitational-5th place (Evan Peterson, John Rosher, Matheus Ramos, Ben McDermott)

Individual Honors (Girls):

Kennedy Coleman
3rd place-1600m-Smithville Invitational
4th place-1600m-Ray-Pec Invitational
1st place-3200m-Mineral Water Invitational
5th place-1600m-Platte County Invitational
1st place-3200m-Districts
3rd place-3200m-Sectionals
12th place-3200m-State

Ellaina Sanders
5th place-800m-Smithville Invitational
6th place-800m-Mineral Water Invitational
5th place-1600m-Piper Relays
3rd place-800m-Districts

Julia Rosher
2nd place-3200m-Smithville Invitational
2nd place-3200m-Ray-Pec Invitational
5th place-1600m-Mineral Water Invitational
3rd place-1600m-Districts

Emma Knopik
3rd place-3200m-Ray-Pec Invitational
6th place-3200m-Piper Relays
3rd place-3200m-Districts

Bella Barnes
6th place-200m-Platte County Invitational
6th place-200m-Piper Relays

Ella Lawrence
5th place-3200m-Smithville Invitational

Izzy Laskero
3rd place-3200m-Mineral Water Invitational

Arielle Nash
6th place-300m hurdles-Piper Relays

Devon Dietrich
6th place-800m-Piper Relays

Individual Honors (Boys):

Evan Peterson

1st place-3200m-Smithville Invitational
3rd place-3200m-Kearney Invitational
4th place-800m-Mineral Water Classic
2nd place-1600m-Mineral Water Classic
3rd place-3200m-Platte County Invitational
1st place-800m & 1600m-Piper Relays
1st place-1600m, 3200m-Districts
1st place-1600m, 3200m-Sectionals
6th place-1600m-State
2nd place-3200m-State

Matheus Ramos
6th place-3200m-Piper Relays
2nd place-3200m-Districts

Ben McDermott
4th place-1600m-Districts


Individual Honors:

Grant Forsee
2nd place-400m-Piper Relays
3rd place-400m-Mineral Water Classic
4th place-400m-Smithville Invitational
4th place-200m-Platte County Invitational

Evan Peterson
1st place-3200m-Mineral Water Classic
2nd place-3200m-Smithville Invitational
2nd place-3200m-Platte County Invitational
3rd place-1600m-Ray-Pec Invitational
4th place-3200m-Ray-Pec Invitational
4th place-1600m-Mineral Water Classic
9th place-3200m-State

Ellaina Sanders
5th place-1600m-Smithville Invitational


Raider Award winner:
Eli Fromm

Individual Honors:

Haley Dietsch
3rd place-3200m-Districts


Raider Award Winner:
Harold Edwards

Team Honors:

6th place-4x100 relay-Sectionals (Arlet VanHoutan, Allysa Lisbon, Simone Schmid, Katayon Ghassemi

Individual Honors:

Allysa Lisbon
5th place-long jump-Sectionals