The Campaign for Pembroke Hill School

The Building Together Campaign addresses the special places on our Ward Parkway Campus where our students come together – areas of assembly and celebration. These places are also where all parts of our community – students, faculty, families, alumni, and friends – gather to share experiences and make lifetime memories.
The largest common areas of the campus – the quadrangle, dining hall and athletic facilities – have now been re-imagined to provide the physical environment to support our vision of cultivating the best in each of our students.

Transforming Ward Parkway Campus

With two prominent new buildings and the removal of Pierson Gym, the major public centers on campus will have new capacity, and the outward face of Pembroke Hill on the south, east and north will be dramatically transformed.

Campus and Quadrangle

Athletic Center

Dining Hall

Hall Student Center

Our Vision

We Are Building Together

Students from upper, middle and lower schools announce our motivations and vision for the Building Together campaign.

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Progress for Building Together

The Building Together campaign has a set goal to raise $51.7 million for Pembroke Hill School. Construction began in May 2020.

Construction Partners

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Campaign Updates