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Bellis Athletic Center

Architectural Rendering of Athletic Center Entry Gate

The Bellis Athletic Center completes the campus, limiting entry points to the upper school and middle school entrances and a security booth near the Athletic Center.

Project Highlights

Bellis Athletic Center Opening Celebration

We celebrated our past and created new traditions as the Pembroke Hill School community was welcomed to the opening of the Bellis Athletic Center. Opening Celebration events took place Dec. 2 - 4, 2021, and included an open house, dedication ceremony, Late Night At Pembroke Hill, inaugural basketball games and Alumni Day.

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Artwork Installed In Hall Student Center

Jubilation, a textile piece by artist Sara Sonié Thompson-Ruffin, was commissioned on behalf of Don and Adele Hall to be displayed in the renovated Hall Student Center. The piece incorporates fabrics from the PHS community and holds several meanings for Pembroke Hill.

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Interested in what the construction progress of this project has looked like over time? Visit the Construction page for photos of the campaign's construction since it began in December 2020.

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