Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration
Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration
Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration
Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration
Andrew Mouzin
Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration
Yearlong Global Cultural Celebration

This year, Pembroke Hill is re-imagining the scale of its Global Cultural Celebration and is expanding it to a yearlong celebration of culture that can be sustained as part of our strategic priority of inclusive excellence at Pembroke Hill. The goal is to engage the entire PHS community to collaborate and partner to make this event come to fruition. There will be several events planned through each season (fall, winter, spring) leading up to the Global Cultural Celebration in May.

We recognize that many families may not be able to directly trace their roots to a specific country, but may have Diasporic legacies from certain continents. As such, we envision creating celebratory space for those with Diasporic ties to the geographical groups being highlighted. By Diaspora, we mean “people settled far from their ancestral homelands (” by historical choice or force. In this way, we want to acknowledge that all in our community who want to celebrate their familial legacies and unique cultures are welcome.

Fall Celebration
Featuring countries from Asia and Africa 
Oct. 25 - 29

These are some of the activities that will take place:

  • Flags - The flags of countries featured in the season will be hoisted at both campuses.
  • Activities and presentations in classrooms.
  • International lunches designed by FLIK Dining Services featuring dishes from the countries for this season.
  • Music during drop-off at both campuses.

Winter Celebration
Featuring countries from Americas - North and South
Jan. 24 - 28, 2022

Spring Celebration
Featuring countries from Europe and Australia
April 25 - 29

PHS families are being asked to partner with faculty and staff to celebrate through sharing photos; offering information on specific countries; Zoom in with a class and talk about the country you want to celebrate; and share a story that has meaning to you and your family.