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Upper School Science Olympiad Team Captures First Place At Pembroke Hill Invitational
Andrew Mouzin

The host upper school Science Olympiad team captured first place at the Pembroke Hill Invitational on Saturday, March 30, in a tune-up for the state competition April 27. Fifteen teams competed in the tournament, including state qualifiers from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Olathe North placed second, and Lincoln Southwest (Neb.) placed third. Pembroke Hill placed in the top six in all 23 events!

The top six places in each competitive event were announced at the awards ceremony. Here are the results:

First Place     
Astronomy - Elizabeth Banks and Coleman Gliddon
Chemistry Lab - Dylan Chan and Coleman Gliddon
Experimental Design - Mulan Jiang, Pallavi Jonnalagadda and Jam Navarro
Write It Do It - Allison Banks and Elizabeth Banks
Sounds Of Music - Dylan Chan and Jam Navarro

Second Place 
Anatomy and Physiology - Dylan Chan and Mulan Jiang
Circuit Lab - Mulan Jiang and Pallavi Jonnalagadda
Disease Detectives - Jesse Chan and Pallavi Jonnalagadda
Dynamic Planet - Rishabh Gaur and Aarav Yarlagadda
Forensics - Dylan Chan and Rishabh Gaur
Thermodynamics - Coleman Gliddon and Savino Go

Third Place      
Codebusters - Rishabh Gaur, Joshua Huang and Aarav Yarlagadda
Designer Genes - Pallavi Jonnalagadda and Darwin Torrance
Fossils - Nicholas Letts and Tristan Wells
Geologic Mapping - Rishabh Gaur and Tristan Wells
Herpetology - Darwin Torrance and Tristan Wells
Protein Modeling - Mulan Jiang, Savino Go, and Darwin Torrance
Water Quality - Coleman Gliddon and Pallavi Jonnalagadda

Fifth Place
Boomilevers - Jesse Chan and Joshua Huang
Fermi Questions - Rishabh Gaur and Coleman Gliddon

Sixth Place
Mission Possible - Elizabeth Banks, Jackson Letts and Nicholas Letts
Mousetrap Vehicle - Jackson Letts, Nicholas Letts and Jam Navarro
Wright Stuff - Jesse Chan and Joshua Huang


Other members of the varsity team competing (and narrowly edged by their teammates for medals – as only one score per team is medal-eligible) include: Sasha Dellenbaugh, Charles Fraga, Ivyer Qu and Nicholas Rao.