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World Affairs Challenge Teams Garner First, Second Place Awards
Andrew Mouzin

The upper school World Affairs Challenge team secured first and second place at the national competition March 2, in Denver. The theme this year was equality, and both teams won money to put towards their plans.

The winning group, the Water WACers, consisting of Ridley Angrist, Caroline Frank, August Hoffman, Dasha McDonald, Allison Moody, Drake Potts, Matthew Park and Ty Toney, came up with a plan to provide safe, drinkable water to people in the Philippines. The group contacted a pots and pans manufacturer in the Philippines who was willing to work with them to distribute pots, along with instructions for how to use them, to evaporate water and harness it so dirt, salt and bacteria would be left behind, leaving only safe water. The group has leaflets containing instructions in both English and Filipino. They plan to start in coastal regions where there is ready-access to water they can then desalinate through this process. 

The second place squad, Sex Ed for Success, consisting of Sophie Barrett, Charlotte Henry, Phinney Sachs, Eliza Shaffer, Gina Singh and Zandy Swartzman, plans to start a sex education exchange program between Kenya and the United States. The team wants to find aspiring teachers in Kenya who could come to America (perhaps even PHS) and learn about effective sex education, including contraception and disease prevention. The group contacted the United Nations Population Fund who said they would be willing to help fund and provide a teacher for the program. The teacher (and/or a potential PHS student) would then go to Kenya and help ensure the successful transition of information. The Kenyan teacher would then teach those around them, thus effectively spreading the education they had gained.