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Alumnus Shares Insights On The Colorado River With Seventh Graders
Andrew Mouzin

PHS alumnus David Owen ’73 shared insights with seventh grade science students into what he learned about the Colorado River while writing his book Where the Water Goes during a Zoom call Tuesday, May 11. Students have been working at Brush Creek for a few days with volunteers from Friends of Kaw Point Park. As part of their exploration of watersheds, the students read the first two chapters of Owen's book and explored land cover, watersheds and water law. Students asked David such questions as:

  • Can you briefly describe the current water law(s) related to the Colorado River?
  • Is there anything being done to change the laws allocating the "paper water" to the states and their residents?
  • What are the prospects of water shortages this summer and beyond?
  • What was the coolest experience you had related to writing this book?

The seventh graders were then challenged to write about the Colorado River from the perspective of an animate or inanimate object that could be impacted by the river. They were assigned to to write a question and concern based on the object's point of view.