PHS Announces Director of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion
Grace Thompson
After conducting a national search, Pembroke Hill has announced that Dr. Jason Gines ’95 has been appointed director of diversity, equity and inclusion, effective July 1.

Jason returns to his alma mater with extensive experience in leading, developing, implementing and evaluating programs in diversity, equity and inclusion. Currently, he serves as the assistant dean of inclusion and diversity engagement for the College of Information Science and Technology at Penn State University. Prior to this role, Jason was the director of multicultural affairs for the same organization.

“We are thrilled to have Jason join our team to serve in this new position for Pembroke Hill,” said Brad Shelley, head of school. “When Jason visited campus, I was impressed with his ability to connect with all members of our community. His diverse educational journey, passion for Pembroke Hill, and his genuine interest in students will make him a great ambassador for our school.”

Jason holds a doctorate degree in counselor education and supervision and a master’s degree in education with a rehabilitation counseling focus; both are from Penn State. He is also a graduate of Vanderbilt University where he earned a master of divinity degree. His bachelor’s degree in psychology is from the University of Missouri.

“I have been fortunate across my educational and vocational career to have been a part of building curricula, presenting nationally and internationally, and leading system-wide initiatives in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice,” Jason explained. “In addition, I have trained extensively in the field of counseling, which greatly informs how I approach situations and lead with listening. It is my intention to draw on the many experiences that have shaped my worldview as a professional, while keeping an open mind and empathic disposition toward the lives and experiences represented in our PHS community.”

In his new role, Jason will report to Brad Shelley. His responsibilities will include overseeing the planning and implementation of the school’s new and existing school-wide DEI initiatives, in coordination with other members of the school’s senior leadership team, to ensure an equitable and inclusive environment for the entire school community.

Jason is looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference at Pembroke Hill. “It is my deepest desire to make an impact on the PHS community through the intentional advancement of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion principles that produces leaders who transform the world. In this way, advancing these principles moves beyond vocation to avocation.”

He continued, “Pembroke Hill is a unique place with a long history of providing excellent educational experiences for students. The director of diversity, equity and inclusion position is a first for the school. As an alum, having the opportunity to help shape the next chapter of Pembroke Hill, particularly in the area of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, aligns perfectly with the type of impact I am seeking to make at this point in my career.”

When not focusing on his career, Jason enjoys traveling to new locations, listening to live music, reading and spending time with his family. “I have four beautiful children, Jason II, Kyra, Jaden and Kalia,” he said. “Two are in college at Penn State University, and two are in elementary school. I am fortunate to still have both parents and two siblings who all reside in the Kansas City metro area.”

Jason is also active in civic engagement and anticipates becoming involved with advocacy organizations in Kansas City.

Welcome back to Kansas City and Pembroke Hill, Jason!