Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame
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Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame
Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame
Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame
Andrew Mouzin
Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame
Faculty And Staff Inducted Into PHS Hall Of Fame

Congratulations to the new members of the Pembroke Hill Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony for individuals who have been with Pembroke Hill for 25 years or who have provided exemplary service was Thursday, Feb. 16.

Also during the ceremony, the redesigned Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame was unveiled on the first level of Patterson Hall. The Hall of Fame was established In 1989, by the Pembroke-Country Day Class of 1949 in recognition of their 40th reunion, on behalf of all alumni. There are 137 members of the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to:

  • Tim Goff, food service
  • Ray Hawks, facilities
  • Dr. Richard Hibschman, former head of school
  • Joanna Kubicki, Bookstore manager
  • Michelle Martinovic, upper school Spanish teacher
  • Bart Robertson, assistant director of admissions - Ward Parkway Campus
  • Andre Sutherland, facilities
  • Teckle Teame, facilities
  • Faunlee Van Ness-Gooley, middle school administrative assistant
  • Tracy Willis, speech therapist
  • Jim Young, upper school English teacher

In addition to the Hall of Fame ceremony, 37 other members of the school’s faculty and staff were honored for reaching service anniversaries. They include:

Five Years

  • Lee Roy Baker, facilities
  • Victoria Botero, Wornall Campus music teacher
  • Nick Dorn, upper school social studies teacher
  • Lisa Jackson ’93, upper school director of leadership and community engagement
  • Katie Nawrocki, second grade teacher
  • Aubrey Nichols, director of donor relations
  • Andrea Peregrine, kindergarten teacher
  • Kim Renetzky, third grade faculty assistant
  • Sandra Rodriguez, director of parent programs
  • Aubrey Rossier, middle school social studies teacher
  • Kim Stone, fourth grade teacher
  • Chris Storms, IT support specialist
  • Nan Verdini, food service

10 Years

  • Piper Abernathy, upper school English teacher
  • Brant Challacombe, instrumental music teacher
  • Scott Guthrie, middle school math teacher, assistant football and golf coach
  • Katie Henry, fifth grade faculty assistant
  • Chris Keller, director of IT
  • Lindsay Kobolt, director of counseling and community wellbeing
  • Andrea Majeski, accounts payable and payroll specialist
  • Jaclyn Melton, lower school learning coach
  • Jodie Stallard, middle school art teacher

15 Years

  • Tina Budzinski, middle school P.E. teacher, varsity dance and cheer coach
  • Kim Cho ’96, upper school science teacher, Science Olympiad coach
  • Annie Dai, upper school Chinese teacher
  • Margarita Gladbach, early childhood Extended Day coordinator
  • Cedric Kizine, food service
  • Alice Kroh, fifth grade teacher
  • Mary Maxson, middle school science teacher, Science Olympiad coach
  • Tiffani Pearson, first grade teacher, assistant tennis coach

20 Years

  • Heather Hoffman, middle school English teacher
  • Sam Knopik, upper school social studies teacher, assistant athletic director, varsity football coach
  • Pamela Robb, early childhood division head 

35 Years

  • Emily Hendricks ’84, upper school math teacher
  • Kathy Williams-Griffin, upper school dean of students

40 Years

  • Deborah Anderson, middle school music teacher

45 Years

  • Avery Hughes, fifth grade teacher, field hockey coach