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Junior Combines Sewing With Helping Others
Jess Rezac

Pembroke Hill junior Naina Singh wanted to find a means to incorporate her passion for sewing with a way to help the community. So, after discussing this with Dr. Lisa Jackson, upper school director of leadership and community engagement, she proposed organizing a group of classmates to sew masks that would be donated to the community.  

Naina was inspired by Get Us PPE, a national organization that encourages members to create clubs/groups that make personal protective equipment (PPE) to be given to organizations such as hospitals.

The PHS group is under the umbrella of the upper school Community Service Club. It has already begun meeting weekly in a classroom large enough to accommodate the mask making process as well as social distancing.

“Right now, we have three sewing machines at school,” Naina explained. “We have several members of the Get Us PPE club who were willing to bring theirs in for the program.”

Any upper school student is welcome to join, and Naina is quick to explain, “No prior sewing experience is required, as the idea is that students who know how to sew can teach those who do not know!”

In addition to sewing, students cut and pin fabric and help package masks.

Students hope to make 30 masks, but will not limit their production. They plan to donate their masks to the Kansas City Fire and Police departments. Naina has also been in contact with several area nursing homes.

“I worked with Naina to help her transform her idea into action,” Lisa said, “I'm really proud of Naina's initiative to bring fellow students together to sew masks and to help the wider community in the time of COVID.”  

For her part, Naina believes it is important to be making masks. “As COVID rates continue to spike in Kansas City, it is imperative that everyone takes measures to protect themselves and our community.”

Naina is pleased with how the project is progressing. “It's going great,” she shared. “Throughout this whole process I’ve learned how to create a proposal for a club and how to reach out to people to get them to be a part of this cause. This project is not only a great way to help the community, but it is also a way to have students teach others to sew. I am excited for what lies ahead!”