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Middle And Upper School Math Team Results
Andrew Mouzin

Middle and upper school math teams recently competed in tournaments.

Upper School
The upper school team competed in the national American Mathematics Competition. Although they didn't receive national recognition, they did a phenomenal job on the test.

Internal PHS placements:

AMC 10:

  • First place - Zach Berg
  • Second place - Nicholas Frank
  • Third place - Maya Burton

AMC 12:

  • First place - Rishabh Gaur
  • Second place - Jimmy O'Connell
  • Third place - Grant Beichley

Middle School
Three middle schoolers have qualified for the MathCounts state competition! Seven PHS middle schoolers recently competed in the virtual MathCounts Invitational, with three students moving on to state. The competition will be held March 25.

Here are the results:

  • First place - Yelisey Romanov 
  • Second place - Ben Palmet
  • Third place - Sophia Qiu