Middle School Award Winners
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Middle School Award Winners
Middle School Award Winners
Middle School Award Winners
Andrew Mouzin
Middle School Award Winners
Middle School Award Winners

The Dorothy Hillix McCord Award    

  • John Peter Weber

The Latin Award    

  • Teddy Young

The Chinese Award    

  • Evelyn Christopher

The History Cup    

  • Teddy Young

The Middle School Band Award    

  • Daniel Snapkovsky and John Peter Weber

The Physical Education Award    

  • Elizabeth Bruner and Andy McDonald 

The Roselee Kerdolff Ennis Award   

  • Christopher Long

The Tony Strub Lifeskills Award    

  • Ajhi Briscoe, Benedict Dwyer, Elsa Flanagan, Harry Keast, Sarina Latif and Lucy Stilwell

The Davis Trophy    

  • Katherine Patterson

The Eleanor Halley Cup    

  • Evelyn Christopher

The Isabel C. Merriam Cup    

  • Alisa Ganahl

The Mary Martha Miller Cup    

  • Alice Chen

The Mathematics Cup    

  • John Peter Weber

The Middle School Art Cup    

  • Lila Hagedorn

The Middle School Faculty Cup    

  • Andrew Drill

The Middle School Music Cup    

  • Grace Coughlin and Jack Wren 

The Middle School Spanish Cup    

  • Alisa Ganahl and Megan Himmelstein

The Parker Trophy    

  • Ajhi Briscoe and Ria Kumar

The Rieger Trophy    

  • John Peter Weber

The Virginia Scott Miner Cup    

  • Evelyn Christopher

The William H Wambold Cup    

  • Gwynnie Hockey

The Middle School Science Trophy    

  • Daphne Valenta and Sarina Weinman

The Middle School Drama Award    

  • Bella Bartelli

The Middle School Speech Award    

  • Daphne Valenta

The Head of School Award for Citizenship    

  • Jahan Talib and Tatiana Terrill

President's Volunteer Service Award Recipients

Gold Level (100+ hours)

  • Reyyan Arain - eighth grade
  • Andrew Drill - eighth grade
  • Victoria Budzinski - seventh grade
  • Ayaan Arain - sixth grade
  • Chase Windman - sixth grade

Silver Level (75 - 99 hours)

  • Frances Duba- eighth grade
  • Daphne Valenta - eighth grade 

Bronze Level (50 - 74 hours)

  • Lauryn Coleman - eighth grade
  • Grace Coughlin - eighth grade
  • John Peter Weber - eighth grade
  • Mollie Anne McDougald - seventh grade