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Middle School Play Anyone But Dakota To Be Performed In November
Andrew Mouzin

The middle school play, Anyone But Dakota, is inching closer to performances in November. Due to school protocols regarding social distancing, live performances will be limited to middle school faculty and staff members Nov. 4, and parents of the cast and crew Nov. 5 and 10. Middle school drama teacher Alli Jordan is planning on having it professionally recorded and streamed on YouTube in mid-November.

Anyone But Dakota is about a young girl named Dakota who so desperately wishes she could look differently: hair that was less crazy and a body of a swan. She is a dancer, and she wants to win the Iowa talent competition and be a graceful dancer like her mother so many years ago. Her trio of friends are also on the hunt for an answer to mysterious alien sightings in Iowa over the years when all of a sudden the two worlds collide through a magical green stone. The green stone has the power to let you change bodies and become whoever you want to be. Everything seems great except when Dakota begins to forget things about herself and must fool everyone around her with an explanation of who the new strange girl is in town. Is the green stone a gift or a curse?