Middle School Science Olympiad Team Takes Second Place At First Tournament Of The Year
Andrew Mouzin

The middle school Science Olympiad team opened its 2019-20 season with a second place finish at the Pioneer Trails tournament Saturday, Nov. 2. Twenty-one schools competed in the competition. 

Here are the results:

First Place:

Fossils - Ava Pluard, Ellesmere Torrance

Ping Pong Parachute - Caleb Deng and Nicholas Frank

Water Quality - Zach Berg


Second Place:

Disease Detectives - Caleb Deng and Elan Jiang

Machines - Kerav Agarwal and Emma Friedman

Meteorology - Luke Ryan


Third Place:

Road Scholar - Nala Chandramohan and Ben Palmet

Write It Do It - Caitlyn Huang and Elan Jiang


Fourth Place:

Anatomy and Physiology - Caleb Deng and Siraj Singh

Boomilever - Bea Colbert and Snowden Connor

Circuit Lab - Nicholas Frank

Crime Busters - Zach Berg and Ben Palmet

Heredity - Nala Chandramohan and Elan Jiang

Mousetrap - Zach Berg and Nicholas Frank


Sixth Place:

Reach for the Stars - Elan Jiang and Luke Ryan