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Middle, Upper School Science Olympiad Teams Take Top Honors At Regionals; Move On To State
Andrew Mouzin

The upper and middle school Science Olympiad teams are moving on to the state tournament. Both teams won their respective Missouri Region III Tournaments, held Saturday, Feb. 8, at William Jewell College.

The upper school entered two teams in the tournament, a red team to qualify for state, and a blue team for individual awards. The red team placed first out of 11 teams, with students being recognized in 22 out 23 events. Additionally the blue placed in 13 events. The top-five places were recognized at the tournament. (See below results)

The middle school squad garnered first place honors out of 13 teams in its tournament, with students taking first place in an impressive 16 events.  (See below results)

Upper School Results

First Place
Anatomy and Physiology – Salil Chandramohan and Sasha Dellenbaugh (red)

Codebusters – Rishabh Gaur, Joshua Huang and Aarav Yarlagadda (red)

Designer Genes – Phillip Park and Darwin Torrance (red)

Detector Building – Geeoon Chung and Savino Go (red)

Disease Detectives– Jesse Chan and Phillip Park (red)

Dynamic Planet – Rishabh Gaur and Aidan Lacy (red)

Forensics – Rishabh Gaur and Sasha Dellenbaugh (red)

Fossils – Griffin Chu and Tristan Wells (red)

Geologic Mapping – Rishabh Gaur and Tristan Wells (red)

Machines – Geeoon Chung and Tristan Wells (red)

Ping Pong Parachute – Salil Chandramohan and Ivyer Qu (red, asst: Griffin Chu, Phillip Park)

Protein Modeling – Savino Go, Aidan Lacy and Darwin Torrance (red)

Sounds of Music – Salil Chandramohan and Jam Navarro (red)

Water Quality – Griffin Chu and Tristan Wells (red)


Second Place:
Anatomy and Physiology – Adib Rabbani and Gina Singh (blue)

Astronomy – Aidan Lacy and Aarav Yarlagadda (red)

Boomilever – Jesse Chan and Joshua Huang (red)

Chemistry Lab – Sasha Dellenbaugh and Rishabh Gaur (red)

Circuit Lab – Geeoon Chung and Jam Navarro (red)

Detector Building – Ellie Lin and Adib Rabbani (blue)

Experimental Design – Ben Sheldon, Ira Vats, Grace Weber (blue)

Fossils – Erica Domen and Ellie Lin (blue)

Gravity Vehicle – Jesse Chan and Ivyer Qu (red)

Machines – Charles Fraga and Allie Pierce (blue)

Ornithology – Jackson Chu and Charles Fraga (blue)

Water Quality – Jackson Chu and Adib Rabbani (blue)

Wright Stuff – Jesse Chan and Joshua Huang (red)


Third Place:
Chemistry Lab – Allie Pierce and Ben Sheldon (blue)

Disease Detectives – Wazi Asjad and Ali Khan (blue)

Ornithology – Griffin Chu and Darwin Torrance (red)

Write It Do It – Salil Chandramohan and Ivyer Qu (red)


Fourth Place:
Circuit Lab – Ellie Lin and Adib Rabbani (blue)

Forensics – Allie Pierce and Gina Singh (blue)

Sounds of Music – Erica Domen and Grace Weber (blue)


Fifth Place:
Geologic Mapping – Wazi Asjad (blue)


Middle School Results

First Place:
Anatomy - Caitlyn Huang and Siraj Singh

Boomilver - Caleb Deng and Rohan Raj

Circuit Lab - Nicky Frank and Rohan Raj

Density Lab - Karyssa Fugarino and Rohan Raj

Disease Detectives - Caleb Deng and Elan Jiang

Dynamic Planet - Emma Friedman and Luke Ryan

Experimental Design - Mahad Amin, Cathy Martine Ben Palmet

Food Science - Zach Berg and Ava Pluard

Fossils - Ava Pluard and Ellesmere Torrance

Heredity - Nick Chao and Yelisey Romanov

Meteorology - Luke Ryan and Siraj Singh

Mousetrap Vehicle - Zach Berg and Nicky Frank

Ornithology - Zach Berg and Ellesmere Torrance

Reach for the Stars - Elan Jiang and Luke Ryan

Road Scholar - Miriam Cortes and Ben Palmet

Water Quality - Zach Berg and Luke Ryan


Second Place:
Anatomy - Nathan Zhao

Elastic Launched Glider - Nick Chao and Rohan Raj

Experimental Design - Nala Chandramohan, Caitlyn Huang and Elan Jiang

Food Science - Anisha Priya and Anjali Priya

Machines - Emma Friedman and Yelisey Romanov

Mission Possible - Zach Berg and Nicky Frank

Reach for the Stars - Yusuf Saeed and Mateo Santizo

Write It Do It - Caitlyn Huang and Elan Jiang


Third Place:
Disease Detectives - Miriam Cortes and Cathy Martin

Dynamic Planet - Mahad Amin and Conrad Uhlig

Heredity - Riya Raj and Isabella Rivera

Machines - Snowden Connor and Charlie Windman


Fourth Place:
Crime Busters - Karyssa Fugarino and Rohan Raj

Game On - Yelisey Romanov and Ellesmere Torrance

Ping Pong Parachute - Conrad Uhlig and Nathan Zhao


Fifth Place:
Boomilever - Snowden Connor and Ben Palmet

Meteorology - Mahad Amin

Ornithology - Cathy Martin

Road Scholar - Nala Chandramohan and Caleb Deng

Water Quality - Darian DelPozo and Isabel Rivera