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Pembroke Hill Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy
Andrew Mouzin

Pembroke Hill has been celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week with several events and activities, culminating with two activities on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 17.

Nathan Smith's Prekindergarten Class
Nathan Smith's class made a poster connecting the inclusive playground constructed at Martin Luther King Jr. Square Park with Dr. King's spirit of kindness and inclusion. They designed and drew our own kind/inclusive playground and even created a block house “for everyone.”

Carrie Hallensleben's First Grade Class
Carrie Hallensleban’s class began its lessons on the civil rights era and its leaders this week with Dr. King. They read a book and started charting what they knew and what they wondered about Dr. King. They will continue with reading biographies of other leaders that have been underrepresented in history, including people of color and women, which will take them through to spring break. 

Janet Watkins' Fourth Grade Art Class
Fourth graders from Michael Jones’ class created a Dr. King collage in Janet Watkins’ art class.

Kim Stone's Fourth Grade Class
Kim Stone’s students worked on a Dr. King-inspired puzzle after learning his story and lessons. They also heard a first person account from fifth grade faculty assistant Mary Mullin about her experiences growing up in Kansas City in the 1960s during the civil rights movement and Dr. King's assassination. 

Billie Barnes' Fifth Grade Class
Fifth grade social studies students in Billie Barnes’ class listened to a book written by Dr. King’s sister, Christina King Farris, titled "My Brother Martin." It is a book about his life as a young person from a sister's perspective. Billie also shared that she went to college with Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice, at Spelman College. 

Dave McIntire's Middle School Social Studies Class
Middle school social studies teacher Dave McIntire crafted a lesson utilizing resources from The King Center Archives to explore Dr. King’s "I Have A Dream Speech" and the civil rights movement. Students stopped at stations looking at printed artifacts and photographs relating to the first portion of the speech, including a Green Book, images of Rosa Parks, Freedom Riders and the Little Rock Nine. They also conducted a close reading of the speech itself looking at its language, imagery and meaning. 

Upper School
The upper school has been holding virtual assemblies and advisory meetings regarding Dr. King’s impact not just nationally, but locally in Kansas City and also at Pembroke Hill. A panel discussion regarding Dr. King was held this morning with Dr. Jason Gines ’95 and students. These assemblies were led by dean of students Kathy Williams-Griffin, director of leadership and community engagement and social studies teacher Dr. Lisa Jackson ’93 and social studies teacher Jeanette Jones.

All School Optional Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Restorative Nature Walk