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PHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Andrew Mouzin

PHS is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with several classroom activities. 

  • The upper school art department is highlighting contemporary Latinx artists on a board in Centennial Hall. Artists include Victoria Villasana, Juan Ormaza and Graciela Iturbide.
  • A part of their study on Spanish-speakers in the U.S. (there are over 50 million), Spanish IV students in Kym van Zanten's classes created a wall of Hispanic individuals who are influential in an area of interest to the them. The students briefly spoke in Spanish about these individuals - giving their full name, heritage, claim to fame and an interesting fact about them. Representatives included entertainers, astronauts, a Supreme Court justice, athletes and a fashion designer.
  • Early childhood music teacher Victoria Botero is teaching her preschool and prekindergarten students the song Hola Como Estas.
  • Middle school Spanish classes are participating in Loctubre, in which students listen to different Hispanic pop artists and rate their songs. Also, sixth grade students celebrated Mexican Independence Day.